A common question we get at Advanced Acne Clinic is can Accutane treat acne scars. At first, this seems like a pretty simple question. However, it’s actually more complicated than you might think.

First of all, people with acne think of acne scars in different ways. For example, some refer to marks and spots left over from a previous breakout as “scar. However, this is not technically correct.

Discoloration left by acne is technically known as Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or post-inflammatory pigmentation changes, where the discoloration may be darker than normal skin color or appear red that persists even after the original acne has healed.

So the discoloration doesn’t look like a real acne.”scar“A permanent defect in the skin structure. For example, a dimple in the skin or a deep hole in the skin or a raised bump on the surface of the skin are all true forms of acne.”scar. ”

In the field of acne treatment, we often refer to different types of acne scars as tram scar has a rectangular depression with fairly defined contours, and ice pick scar are small, deep holes in the skin or rolling scars Areas of uneven skin texture. Hypertrophic scars Acne scars are raised above the surface of the skin. A comprehensive discussion of the different types of acne scars can be found here.

One of the important considerations when answering the question of whether Accutane can treat acne scars is to take into account the definition of the term for each person with acne. Only then can this question be answered appropriately for each individual.

Furthermore, understanding the specific concerns of each individual with acne is the first step in addressing whether Accutane can treat this type of acne.”scarIt is the concern of a particular patient. For example, is it a skin imperfection that bothers them or is it a discoloration?

Furthermore, red or dark discoloration often accompanies the actual scars. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the most worrisome feature for each patient. Is it the scar or the discoloration inside the scar?

So, the first goal is to develop a mutual understanding of what scars mean. And then it’s important to understand whether the patient is bothered by the redness or discoloration within the scar, or just a dent in the skin or a hole in the surface of the skin, or an unevenness in the skin’s surface. .

Only after reaching common ground about what the real concern is, can an effective treatment plan be developed and the role of Accutane is considered.

Just to be clear, if a person with acne is primarily concerned with how visible the scar is, this can often be resolved by targeting the discoloration without having to actually treat it. real scar treatment.

In other words, if we use an Accutane treatment to prevent new breakouts, this will prevent new spots from discoloring and allow old ones to fade over time. The effectiveness of waiting for the discoloration to fade should not be underestimated. In fact, fading can happen relatively quickly and patients can be very pleased with the results. In this way, Accutane can be a very effective treatment for controlling the worrisome appearance of redness or discoloration that often appears in acne scars.

Stop forming acne scars

Another important note is that Accutane is the most effective way to prevent further acne scarring. That is, by preventing more breakouts, Accutane is a very effective treatment that can limit the risk of further scarring. This is an important part of any treatment or discussion involved in treating acne scars.

Once this is explained and once the person with acne understands that persistent discoloration will completely disappear over time as long as we can prevent new breakouts from forming, expect better management and hope can be reached again.

So, in this case, a patient seeking treatment for an acne scar could be best helped by explaining the difference between scarring and discoloration and by targeting more deeply what really the source of their frustration.

So in summary, Accutane could be a different effective way to help treat acne.”scar. On the other hand, if a person with acne is often bothered by acne scars that are actually a permanent defect of the skin, then other treatments will be needed for effective treatment.

Advanced Acne Treatment Institute is a unique dermatology facility located in Miami, Florida that specializes solely in the treatment of acne. We only focus on providing the most effective treatments to help our patients achieve clear, glowing skin. We are happy to share our insights and views on acne treatment as an educational service, however this information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered as advice. medical care and is not a substitute for seeking advice and treatment by an appropriate medical professional.


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