Since starting our small woman-owned business in 2005, we continue to discover new ingredients and techniques that make our products safe and effective for the body’s largest organ – your skin!

Unlike many other makeup and skin care companies, big and small, we’re completely transparent about what’s in our cruelty-free, non-toxic products so you can make choices. It’s wise to invest in yourself and your skin using Sally B’s carefully formulated products. Some brands use “Perfume” as a summary without actually describing it. Describes what different ingredients it can represent, which is rarely good for people with acne, sensitive skin, allergies, and chemical sensitivities.

Each of our products, made in the USA, starts with deeply tested formulas, then is handcrafted by a small team. The progress made in small batch production and equipment allows us to continue to rely on the dedicated staff in our kitchen/lab/showroom complex in Atlanta, Georgia.

Keep reading to find out:

  • Where do our ingredients come from and why
  • Highlight the ingredients we use, and
  • Learn more where.

Where do our ingredients come from & why?

We strive to use organic product ingredients (note with *) wherever possible, sustainably sourced from around the world:

  • * Tamanu Oil, * Kokum Butter, and * Argan Oil are derived from plants not native to the United States – from Polynesia, India, and Morocco.
  • Modern technology supports international trade and gives us convenient access to such beneficial ingredients.

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Give us the highlights of Sally’s active ingredients:

  • Simmondsia Chinensis, Butyrospermum Parkii, and Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. They are not chemicals at all. They are simply *Jojoba Oil, *Shea Butter and * Fractionated Coconut Oil, three very popular, safe and wonderful ingredients.
  • Their official names are determined by INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) and are required on all personal care product labels in the United States and other countries. We support that but the names can be confusing.
  • Natural plants and soil supplements:
    • * Aloe vera, a centuries-old healing plant.
    • The new natural preservative JakabixNP brought to us by our scientist team member Alison O’Neil, is made with:
      • Jacaranda mimosifolia Flower Extract – South American Violet Plant
      • Kalanchoe pinnata Leaf Extract – Miracle Plant or Sacred Leaf from India & Madagascar
      • Bixa orellana leaf extract
    • * Lavender and other herbs
    • Real essential oils – don’t be fooled by skincare products and labeled candles – they are often chemically distilled while our products are all steam distilled, no need to any chemicals.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more, visit our Ingredients page, to help decipher which products are best for your individual skin type!

Stay tuned for a list of ingredients we never use that are unfortunately common in big-brand beauty products and many imported items.


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