Acne Wipeout is a new skin care system designed by the College of Medicine to help eliminate and prevent acne in adolescents and adults. While the brand is a new face in a category dominated by well-known players like Neutrogena, Differin and Clearasil, the range isn’t the Southern California company’s foray into the space.

This privately held company also developed AcneFree, a mass-market product line that is today part of the L’Oréal brand. University Medical sold AcneFree to Valeant Pharmaceuticals International in a $64 million deal in 2012. Five years later, Valeant sold it to L’Oréal in a $1.3 billion deal that included CeraVe and Ambi.

University Medical is trying to make a mark once again in a market that, according to Information Resources, Inc., fell slightly 0.03% to $584.8 million in the 52 weeks ending March 21, 2021.

“We have been developing acne products for more than 20 years, but wanted to create Acne Wipeout to offer something new and different that is fast acting, accessible and more affordable than anything. what is available,” said Matt Stevens, vice president. at the University of Medicine.

“Acne Wipeout is ‘all of that,'” Stevens notes.

The Acne Wipeout System is a collection of three SKUs that combine a topical retinoid with benzoyl peroxide to target both acne (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflammatory acne.

Products include:

• An all-day acne control cream that delivers microscopic time-released benzoyl peroxide into pores to kill acne bacteria all day long while minimizing irritation and dryness;

• Time Released Retinol Plus, a night cream that unclogs pores and smooths skin while you sleep. It features a natural alternative to adapalene for high speed results while minimizing skin dryness and irritation; and

• Clear Pore Oil Free Cleanser, supposedly a gentle exfoliator to deliver micronutrients while cleansing.

All are non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, sulphate-free, and paraben-free.

According to Stevens, the Acne Wipeout line is the only time-release combination treatment set available over-the-counter as well as the only one with naturally derived retinoids.

Acne Wipeout was inspired by the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendations for combination therapy as the first line of defense against acne.

Acne Wipeout addresses a common but annoying skin condition.

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“Retinol is naturally derived from vitamin A and is not synthetic, unlike many competing products on the market that contain adapalene. Usually, adapalene takes a long time to see results, and your acne may get worse before it gets better,” Stevens tells Happi.

The College of Medicine commends the speed with which it can bring relief.

“Many competing products take 6-12 weeks to see results. Our research shows that our products can start working in as little as three days – though, results always vary depending on the individual and their acne severity,” says Stevens. with Happi.

“While synthetics are generally designed to reduce irritation and are available on the skin immediately, Acne Wipeout’s natural, time-released retinol also reduces irritation and by combining with benzoyl peroxide , which has the overall effect of speeding up skin cleansing. The product also coats its retinol with a Antimicrobial /enhanced antiseptic to extend retinoid action and help improve skin-smoothing benefits,” says Stevens.

“We also love the ease of our kit — just two steps, twice a day is all you need for results day and night,” he adds.

This month, the College of Medicine is launching a Acne Spot Removal Treatment, which contains microscopic 10% benzoyl peroxide.

“It quickly clears even the most stubborn breakouts and provides effective acne control on the go,” says Williams. It also has a time-release formula that helps minimize irritation and dryness, he says.

According to the company, the topical treatment will only be available in the Walmart Acne Clearing Kit as a value-added product.

Acne Wipeout products can be used as standalone products, but Williams says the fastest results come when they are used together.

Acne Wipeout is currently available to buy at Amazon and Walmart with prices starting at $12.99.


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