• Jana 47 years old with dry skin wants to treat her dark spots.
  • A dermatologist suggested she change the order of her skin care routine and add a moisturizer with a stronger SPF.
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Jana, 47, who has dry skin, volunteered to have her dermatologist review her skincare routine.

She told Insider that she wanted a routine that would help reverse skin damage from not using SPF and treat signs of aging, such as dark spots.

Sherwin Parikh, a dermatologist at Tribeca Skin Center in NYC, says Jana needs to pick a moisturizer with a higher SPF, change the order of product application and choose a gentle cleanser. lighter.

Jana needs a gentle cleanser for her mature skin

Jana washes her face with Cetaphil cleanser in the morning and then uses The Ordinary’s 2% hyaluronic acid. After exfoliating, she coats Cetaphil’s vitamin C serum on top for moisture and finishes with Clinique’s “even better” 20% SPF moisturizer.

At night, Jana removes her makeup with an oil-based makeup remover and splashes water on her face to clean. She applies retin-A – a type of vitamin A – three days a week after washing her face. Then, for hydration, Jana applied jojoba oil. Four nights a week, she uses the post-oil Cosrx AHA/BHA brightening treatment toner. To finish, Jana uses Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Parikh says Jana should switch her cleanser to something gentler and more suitable for mature skin. If her cleanser leaves her skin feeling dry, rather than soft, she should find a new one.

“I think the CeraVe cleanser is better than the Cetaphil cleanser for mature skin,” says Parikh.

Her skincare routine is out of order

Parikh says the order in which Jana applies her skin care products doesn’t allow the ingredients to soak into each other.

He told Insider Jana to apply toner after cleansing and to apply moisturizer on top. Instead of just using oils to moisturize, she should add a moisturizer like Glossier’s Priming Rich Moisturizer or Derma-E Regenerative Night Cream, then apply the oil.

She should use a stronger moisturizer with a higher SPF

Jana needs to protect her skin from the sun to reverse sun damage and dark spots. Because she uses retin-A several times a week, her skin is also more sensitive to sunlight. Parikh suggested increasing her SPF level.

“Clinique moisturizer with SPF 20 should be switched to a stronger one like their City Block SPF 50, especially during the summer for better coverage against photo-aging,” says Parikh. “That would provide superior protection.”


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