Is there a way to improve skin with nutrition?

This is a great topic. My father used to look at me, shake his head and say, “You’re what you eat.” when he found me with too many candies. It wasn’t until college that I realized he was right. So here are some tips to maintain that great skin and hair from within.

The best food for healthy skin and hair

  • Protein. The best sources are chicken, fish, other lean meats, and carefully selected plant sources. If you are a vegetarian, consider the suitability of protein. There are some good books on this. Why? Our skin cells, keratinocytes, are largely made up of protein. Also, in the dermis, are cells that make collagen and elastic fibers, etc. They are largely made up of protein. And our hair and nails… also have protein. Soooo… protein really helps. I have a friend from college who has been doing a “juice” cleanse for 2 months. Almost all of her hair falls out due to protein malnutrition. I’m not joking, and that’s scary. Fortunately, it’s all grown again. How much protein? This is individual and depends on activity level. The average inactive woman needs about 40-50 grams per day. Get advice from a nutritionist.
  • Fish and Fish Oil. Salmon, black cod, and other fish with a higher oil content are great; Salmon also contains biotin. I also take Wild Alaska Salmon Oil capsules as a supplement because I don’t eat fish every day. As your ophthalmologist will tell you, this medication is generally recommended for dry eyes. Why? Natural oils give the skin and hair a natural glow and prevent dryness.
  • Butter. The same goes for these… wonderful natural oils for skin lightening and oil control. One of our patients used to eat an avocado every morning for breakfast, and then rub it on her face for a minute or two. That’s a little hard for most of us, but you get it; Avocados also contain Biotin.
  • Nuts. This might be the best of all. Protein plus natural oils and biotin. Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts are good choices. Biotin stimulates the production of keratin, which slightly accelerates hair growth and strengthens nails. Biotin supplements are often recommended for hair and nail problems.

Hope this is useful,

Dr. Brandith


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