“Acid” is one of those words that can make people a little uncomfortable. After all, acid is known to be a destructive substance that can eat through any number of elements.

Or, on the right hand, it’s a gift for skin and its care. There are a number of different acids used in skin care, often to help stave off the effects of time. They can help resurface the skin, infuse moisture into the skin, and encourage cell turnover. With them, the skin is brighter and brighter, looking newer, largely because they are able to remove dead skin cells from the surface. Certain acids can help you reduce acne or calm inflammation.

At Lifeline, we use several different acids in some of our products. We even use the acid in our Eye Firming Complex, in the form of Hyaluronic Acid. This is an acid that is actually found naturally in the human body and in very high concentrations in the fluid in the eye. It works by acting as a cushion. It has a natural structural composition, which helps to fight skin aging. More importantly, however, it’s amazingly moisturizing, plumps skin from within, and helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We also use an amino acid called Caprylhydroxamic Acid in our New Molecular Regeneration Serum, which ensures more active ingredients work. Together with small molecule technology, this coconut oil extracted acid helps work to preserve the integrity of the serum.

For cleansing and exfoliating, Lifeline’s Brightening Facial Cleanser includes Ferulic and Salicylic Acids. Ferulic is one of the most popular antioxidants, and if it isn’t already, it can have a big impact on your anti-aging routine. It is found naturally in apples and oranges, giving whole new importance to eating apples every day. And when combined with Salicylic acid, it can help keep skin smooth, preventing any inflammation. Salicylic is a beta hydroxy acid that helps exfoliate dead skin cells.

Lifeline’s Dual Action Exfoliator uses Glycolic acid. It’s an alpha hydroxy acid that is used to safely remove dead surface cells, leaving fresher skin on the surface. You can use all of these Lifeline products to create your new, beautifully refreshed face. Kinda easy. And that’s the good, the bad, and the wonderful about acids.


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