The first time I used an exfoliator (probably Renée Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing TBH), my whole life flashed before my eyes. Or at least, my entire skincare regimen. I have always been someone who has struggled with stubborn and congested breakouts (what estheticians call minor structural problems like whiteheads, etc.) sensitive. Basically, I had a lot of factors working against me, and my untrained pre-beauty editor attacked my severe skin with all the wrong strategies, from overusing The mask application was so harsh that it drenched my skin in a bucket of zit cream.

It wasn’t until I had my first consultation with an actual esthetician (again, renowned skin expert Renée Rouleau) that I realized I was working on an awkward strategy. Yes, regular masking and exfoliating is the key to bright, clear, and plump skin texture, but these types of products are highly active and effective, so they shouldn’t be used. exceed. Not to mention, it’s imperative to prioritize high-quality formulas that are balanced with other moisturizing ingredients to keep skin balanced and under control. So I became a connoisseur of exfoliation and now swear by the category of products to keep my skin clear, bright and radiant. (True Story — I never received compliments on my makeup-free skin until I discovered the all-star recipes below and started using them as needed in my routine.) my skin care routine.)

Especially since this time of year can be tough on our skin, I’m revealing the 14 best exfoliants (from cleansers to peels, toners to masks) that work best. with dry skin while gently and effectively removing residue and build-up. Keep scrolling!


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