Masks are starting to roll out, locations are reopening, and summer is in session – which means one thing: it’s time to go on vacation! But for those of us with acne-prone faces, it may not be possible to know how to properly take care of our skin while on the go.

Traveling in the water is stressful in itself, and in the warm summer months it’s even more so with heat, humidity, and perspiration. If you suffer from acne, the thought of traveling and going on vacation can seem even more overwhelming than discouraging.

With acne, the skin is already inflamed and easily irritated. Unfortunately, being in different climates can only aggravate this condition. Many of us will experience skin irritations, eczema and breakouts long after our trip is over.

Good news? It doesn’t seem too difficult if you already have the right skin care routine. With a few travel tips and tricks in stock, you can go on vacation and really relax.

Can I take care of my skin properly?

Taking care of your skin while traveling is not as difficult as you think. For the most part, you can stick to your normal skin care routine.

If you use multiple products, keep it simple. Don’t fall into the trap of taking too many products when you travel. Stick to the essentials: cleanser, spot treatment product or serum, and moisturizer.

Only carry products that you have used on your skin. There’s nothing worse than being allergic to a new product while you’re away!

How will you travel?

Before packing, ask yourself: how will you travel? Will you be on a plane, or a long car ride? Either way, traveling can put undue stress on your skin. Depending on how you will be traveling, there are some small changes you may want to make.

Airplane travel can be fun, but it can also wreak havoc on our faces. The altitude and cabin pressure create a dry environment which leads to dehydration. Combine this with dirty cabin air and you have the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Before you fly, prepare your skin with a good, acne-fighting moisturizer and remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

If you travel by car for a long time, your skin will be easily affected by ultraviolet rays and harmful agents from the environment. Remember to apply sunscreen and reapply throughout your trip. Sitting in a car can also make you feel like you’re trapped inside an old bubble, so it’s important to wash your face thoroughly when the trip is over.

Know your climate

Are you going to travel to the beach where it’s wet and hot? Be prepared to use lighter products so as not to weigh your skin down. A humid environment can lead to a build-up and blockage in the pores, creating breakouts and blackheads.

Prepare for your beach trip by carrying non-comedogenic skin care products. Products labeled non-comedogenic simply mean they don’t have ingredients known to clog pores. Avoid serums and oils that are too heavy, as they are known to cause buildup and leave skin feeling heavy.

For cleansers, choose one with cleansing content. This will help clean your face properly from dirt, oil and build-up in hot climates. Continue with your regular acne spot treatment or serum, then finish with a light moisturizer or gel.

If you’re traveling to a colder climate like the mountains or somewhere in the north, you’ll want to bring skin care products that provide moisture. Chances are your skin will need some extra water, so use a mild cleanser and moisturizer that’s marketed for acne-prone skin.

How to pack your skin care

If you’re flying and can’t check baggage, then you’ll have to make sure to pack everything in TSA-approved hand baggage. TSA rules allow you to bring 3 oz or less bottles of liquids and gels that can fit in a liter ziplock bag, one per passenger is allowed.

It can be difficult to fit everything into a TSA approved bag. The easiest way to stay TSA compliant and still have all your favorites is to purchase travel versions of your skin care products. If you can’t find them, you can always make your own by putting some products in a smaller container to take with you.

If you’re driving, apply the same principles as when flying – bring a light! Make things easier on your own by carrying skin care products in a smaller size.

Protection from the sun

Wearing sunscreen goes without saying, and everyone knows it’s important to wear sunscreen when going outside. But did you know your skin can still be damaged by the sun when moving inside a car or plane?

Applying sunscreen when you have acne is just as important as using an acne treatment. When your skin is not properly protected from the sun’s UV rays, inflammation that leads to acne and scarring can occur.

Always choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 50 and remember to reapply every 90 minutes of your exposure to the sun for full protection.

What is left behind?

You may have a collection of masks, serums, and home treatments, but you can leave the skin care products you use as needed. This also includes weekly treatments. While they are beneficial for clearing up acne, you don’t want to complicate your trip. Don’t worry, that fancy sheet mask will be waiting for you when you get home!

Exfoliators, cleansing brushes, and other facial devices can also be left at home. If you’re in need of an exfoliating scrub, a soft washcloth works great for removing dead skin cells and gently scrubbing away the build-up.

Start your acne treatment before your trip

If you suffer from acne, chances are you already use products that target acne and pimples. That could be cleansers, toners, serums and treatments, and moisturizers. But what about using an acne-fighting product to begin with?

Pimples are largely caused by a hormonal imbalance, which means they start from within the body. When our hormones are not working properly, the sebaceous glands are affected, leading to an overproduction of oil appearing on the surface of the skin, forming acne.

AcnEase is a daily supplement that treats existing flare-ups and prevents new ones from forming. Its highly effective acne formula works to combat this imbalance and keep congested sebaceous glands under control.

For travel, AcnEase is the ideal acne product to keep in your pocket overnight. It is a small pill, like a vitamin. Bring as much as you want while traveling and feel comfortable, your body will fight acne formation.


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