If your shower is only filled with your standard shower gel and soap, trust us — you’re missing out. That’s because there’s a wide world of exfoliating products that can help you on your journey to softer, smoother skin, especially right now, when dry skin is a no-brainer. negotiable.

As we’ve learned from experts like esthetician Sofie Pavitt, exfoliating is crucial, as “dead skin can build up on the surface, leading to dry, dull, and tired skin.” , she explained. “When we exfoliate that dry skin, it not only improves texture, fine lines, and overall luminosity, but also increases the ability of your products to penetrate deeper.” This is true for your face, so why shouldn’t you pay attention and take care of the rest of your body to the same extent?

You know that feeling right after shaving your legs and applying lotion? That sinful soft skin is thanks to the manual exfoliation from the blade. Now consider that feeling for your arms, back, chest, and anywhere in between—that’s where body scrubs come in. Whether you prefer the satisfactions of a physical exfoliant or you’re part of highly effective chemical options like AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs, there’s an option available to you to help combat dry skin. , dull or rough skin. And considering showering rituals are a much-needed source of relaxation these days, anything that can help make a more luxurious experience works for us.


A physical scrub is your scrub of choice, which can use anything from sugar and salt to nutmeg and fruit to gently remove rough patches and reveal soft skin. , smoother below. If you love bathing, this is our go-to pick, as all the nourishing ingredients dissolve easily without causing excessive irritation (think UTIs or yeast infections… eek). And if you love the satisfaction of handmade cotton scrubs, then these options will be right for you.

You can also exfoliate with chemical ingredients like the aforementioned acids, including glycolic and lactic, as well as fruit enzymes. All work to dissolve the protein keratin bonds that hold dead skin cells together (and thus can cause rough, uneven texture). Breaking these bonds removes those cells from the surface of the skin, leaving you with soft and glowing skin. Many chemical options on the market today also contain one or two physical ingredients for added exfoliating benefits.

Curious to try a body scrub for yourself? Check out nine of our current favorites — and don’t forget to add a moisturizer or moisturizer for best results.


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