In a recent interview with The glamor, supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley disrupted her acne skincare routine, which appealed to some die-hards like the Zo Skin Health Oil Control Pads ($62) and iS Clinical Cleansing Complex ($44). While she credits this entire line (along with a twice-monthly facial) for her clear skin, she puts more emphasis on all-time favorite exfoliators. mine.

“I really trust my AHAs: salicylic, glycolic, lactic acids,” she says The glamor. “That would really help with cell turnover and exfoliation because obviously that’s the really slow stuff. When you have acne, you have a sort of slower cell turnover rate, and that’s why my pores get clogged.”

Besides effective skin care products, the 34-year-old also talks about her favorite cleaning wipes, Resoré Face Cloths ($69), which she loves due to their antibacterial properties. . “If I didn’t wash them every day, it wouldn’t feel like I was using a dirty towel… And I really like that it still has a rough texture while it’s still so smooth and soft and cloud-like. ”

Typically, Huntington-Whiteley uses a cloth towel after cleansing with two of her favorite cleansers: Zo Skin Health Exfoliating Cleanser ($45), formulated for normal to oily skin, and Zo Skin Health Exfoliating Polish ($67), an exfoliant. which she notes as “the strongest exfoliator I have ever used.”

While these cleansers all have exfoliating properties, she also uses chemical exfoliants to help speed up cell renewal. “In the morning, I use the Accelerator Exfoliation ($70), which is again packed with AHAs. I know this sounds crazy, and when a British facialist named Kate Kerr suggested this routine to me, I felt like ‘my skin is going to peel off. – you are crazy’. She said just try it, and I was hooked right away.” Because the serum leans more towards the high-intensity side, she uses Zo Skin Health Daily Power Defense ($150) to protect her skin.

Finally, Huntington-Whiteley shares her “all-time favorite face mask,” the Biba Glyco-C Thermal Organic Pumpkin Peel ($95). “This really saved me from not being able to see a facialist this year. It’s a really good at-home peel, it’s great for at-home scrubs, and it’s very nutritious,” she says.

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