Wrinkles on the skin are common and most importantly a natural process that cannot be eliminated unless you are a lover of multiple treatments. We like a classic way to seek help without harmful ingredients. Cue, plant-based products can help delay the aging process for us. Is ‘Purslane extract’ the new answer?

Life goes on and so do wrinkles and sagging skin. While you can’t get away with it, pick out something that can do your skin well without the need to overstress it. The Purslane plant is a green succulent that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these work together to help calm irritated skin, initiate cell turnover, and protect skin from all types of damage. This may help provide some of vitamin C’s features such as even skin tone. You can use the power of Purslane extract through your moisturizer and this can help all skin types. It deserves regular hydration and this is where the fatty acids in these greens can work to make signs of gradual dryness.

Omega-3 fatty acids do not limit its benefits as it aids in keeping the oil production in check by your skin and smoothing the texture. There is another reason to trust this ingredient, Purslane extract also firms aging skin and gives it a firm appearance.

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