Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care presents an ultra-softening moisturizer for dry sensitive skin that protects against the harsh elements of Colorado winters. The product, Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream, has become popular with winter sports enthusiasts, like snowboarders and snowboarders, who need a higher level of skin protection at this time of year.

Colorado, in general, is dry. Geographically, dry air is the result of a combination of altitude, There is no main water source nearby. Wind, sun, and low humidity all dry out the skin, especially when wind and cold hit the face. Skin is the largest organ on your body and 70% of it is water. That’s why you should keep it hydrated, inside and out. Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream is an important addition to your skin care routine during the cold, dry months and will provide much-needed moisture to your skin. Made in Colorado, the moisturizer is formulated with effective ingredients carefully selected to target and benefit both extremely dry as well as sensitive skin. Shea butter increases skin softness and elasticity, almond oil softens fine lines and moisturizes skin cells, and bellflower gently evens skin tone and regenerates skin growth.

Chief Financial Officer Lily Morgan* has this to say about her product:

“Snowboarding. Skateboarding. Skating. Winter fun can lead to winter dryness, but we’ve created an antidote. Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream will soften and soothe dry skin. your winter. It’s like underwear that keeps your face warm!”

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care grows, harvests, and handcrafted their skin care products on their USDA certified organic farm in Colorado. They believe that the ingredients used to achieve amazing results are the most important element in skin care products. What you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body, so it is essential to use only the best quality skin care products with full transparency. Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream is a “Made in Colorado” product with selected ingredients to help moisturize and protect your skin all winter.

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