Oxy Skincare has launched an innovative line of highly effective yet gentle and gentle acne solutions powered by skin rebalancing benzoyl peroxide and prebiotics.

New dermatologist-tested solutions target and eliminate “bad” acne bacteria on the face and body selectively without disrupting the skin barrier. Plant-derived prebiotics feed the “good” bacteria in the skin, rebalancing the microbiome and helping to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. Each product is specially formulated to clear acne, prevent future breakouts, and help skin heal for healthy, acne-free skin.

Oxy Advanced Care Maximum Strength Rapid Spot Treatment with Prebiotics penetrates deep into pores to remove pimples quickly. With a maximum strength of 10% benzoyl peroxide, it has been clinically proven to visibly reduce redness in four hours and eliminate 99.9% of acne bacteria in eight hours. The skin-soothing cream formula has conditioners to be gentler and less irritating;

Oxy Advanced Care Maximum Strength Soothing Cream Acne Cleanser with Prebiotics uses 10% benzoyl peroxide to clear up acne and blackheads and help prevent future breakouts. It cleanses the skin, restores a healthy, balanced microflora and strengthens the natural skin barrier; and

Oxy Advanced Care Gentle Strength Sensitive Skin Acne Cleanser with Prebiotics combines 5% benzoyl peroxide and soothing agents in a fragrance-free formula to gently treat sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Oxy Advanced Care Acne Solutions with Prebiotics is under $15 and is available at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Kroger, and other leading retailers nationwide. Also available online at OXYSkincare.com, Amazon.com and FSAStore.com.


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