The 3rd month of the Xara Dermatology Clinic business is down, unremarkable and it’s starting to get a bit boring. The bank account started bleeding and the bills kept coming in. Real estate agents are asking us stupid questions, like what happened? And for the P&L that they won’t get. It’s a laser clinic, in the last two months I think we’ve made $50 from a mail order. Even hopes of vaccination seem far from extinguished. I booked the room a month ago and booked on the nearest date and it was for a period of one month.

Spent the last two months working on the business website to get a 35% increase in rankings. But it’s a bit hard to say because people may not be looking for services they know they can’t get.

Well, we’re not alone, the restaurant down the stairs only opened a year ago and government support compares to the proceeds of two years ago. It’s nothing that they don’t open, no idea how they’re handling it. Because we only go there to get mail.

Hopefully we make some good money when we reopen. The last time we closed we got a lot of frozen fat orders.


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