U.S. public health officials, primarily the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are adamantly wearing masks for children and unfounded licensing of teacher unions that could delay or delay schools reopening for another year, if they can get away with it.

This, even as new evidence affirms that children are not at risk of COVID-19 and are not spreaders – and that school closures seriously harm them.

A UK study published last week demonstrated – again – what we’ve known for over a year: Children transmit coronavirus at a much lower rate than adults. Epidemiologist Shamez Ladhani, who led the study, found that children “didn’t use” [the virus] home and then hand it over to the community. These children have very little chance of infecting family members.”

However, we Americans have caused misery for our children. We skip school, keep them separate from their friends, and don’t cover their faces. However, not all children suffer. Children in private schools and parishes in urban areas went to school. Children in public schools in GOP-administered areas are also allowed to attend school (and can even play sports, without wearing a mask).

And everything is fine: States with open schools don’t have more childhood COVID cases and certainly no more hospitalizations or deaths. Schools that don’t have a mandate to wear masks don’t have significantly more COVID cases. They simply put the kids first.

But kids who weren’t lucky enough to live in blue cities and states have suffered from the anti-scientific fervor of mild-mannered liberals and the lust of political leaders. for teacher unions.

A McKinsey study published last week examined the damage. It concluded that the school closures “caused students to be five months behind in math and four months behind in reading at the end of the school year.”

While McKinsey’s study studied the effects of the “unfinished” 2019-20 school year, it doesn’t take rocket science to conclude that students then benefit from full-time attendance. , directly in 2020-21 did much better. than those whose unions and politicians have to close schools for almost another year – like children in Gotham.

A protester against the school mask regulation, enacted to help slow the spread of COVID-19, stands outside with a sign at the Hillsborough County School Board meeting in Tampa, Florida , USA May 18, 2021.
A protester against the school mask regulation, enacted to help slow the spread of COVID-19, stands outside with a sign at the Hillsborough County School Board meeting in Tampa, Florida , May 18, 2021.
REUTERS / Octavio Jones / File photo

And again, for what? Research after skipping studies has shown that even unvaccinated children are safer than many vaccinated adults. Children do not spread COVID the same way. Schools are not hotspots for infections. Children rarely get sick from COVID, and when it does, it’s no worse than a cold.

We need to internalize this and stop listening to inexperienced officials and journalists who see children as vectors of disease. They do not. There’s a reason why much of Europe doesn’t put masks on children under 12. It’s not that they care less about their children than we do, here’s a country that starts to hide at the crazy age of 2. In fact, it shows Europeans care about the well-being of their children. development of their children so they will not force them. Play small pieces in a big psychological game.

What about teachers? We were told by teachers, who had kept children out of classes for more than a year, that they were appalled. However, do they have?

Over the weekend, we learned that 40% of the Big Apple teachers have not been vaccinated against COVID. “We strongly believe that everyone should be vaccinated, unless they have a medical or religious exception, and this should be a topic,” said Randi Weingarten, boss of the American Federation of Teachers. mandatory negotiation for employers to keep their employees safe and build trust.”

In other words, talk to us. Use cash.

Weingarten continues to wonder if schools will fully reopen in areas she controls. After repeated assurances about how much she wanted the kids back in the classroom, Weingarten returned to our TV screens and told us her union would “try” to get them back. . “Try” is unacceptable in August 2020. But in August 2021, anyone who refuses to send children to school will be expelled from public life.

We have to let the children live again, the way they did in the better parts of the country. Anything else is cruel and, yes, the equivalent of scientific denial.

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Update: An earlier version of this column misrepresented the sharing of Big Apple teachers who have not received a COVID vaccine.


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