Keenesburg, CO – Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, Colorado’s longest-running organic skincare company located in Keenesburg, Colorado is offering a unique fundraising opportunity featuring hand-harvested, fresh-grown, and manufactured organic products. in Colorado. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care pioneered organic skin care in Colorado 35 years ago and they are the only skin care company on Earth where consumers can buy directly from organic farmers. USDA certified. Now, they are giving local schools the opportunity to partner with them for a one-of-a-kind fundraising experience.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care always gives top priority to creating clean, environmentally friendly products that are suitable for nature without affecting effectiveness, while ensuring positive impacts on the environment. They feel it is important to share their passion for great products and a healthy planet with local schools to help raise dollars for student events and activities while also providing offers exciting learning opportunities in agriculture, science and the environment.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is dedicated to providing their partners with more than any other fundraising option available. They will train students on their farm in hand-harvested ingredients, plant identification, and plant composition. “We wanted to make our program more than the usual fundraising options for your school,” said Lily Morgan, CFO* of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care and Events Center. “We are providing opportunities for students to not only help raise funds for important causes but also interact with agriculture, learn the power and meaning of the ingredients found in Mother Nature, and important way to maintain a healthy planet.” Furthermore, 50% of sales go back to school. “Everybody needs skin care, so why not gift them something local favorites,” says Lily.

Every bottle of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care produced on their farm has these words on the label “NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS”. They believe that the ingredients used to achieve amazing results are the most important element in skin care products, and they will encourage students to come to the farm and see their skin care in action. refreshing in their state-of-the-art lab. Students can go farm walks and have space for special occasions and school affairs at the Lily Farm Fresh Event Center, their barn-inspired event space located in farm.

Call Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care to participate in this fundraising opportunity, or to receive samples and more information on synthetic, chemical-free skin care.

Dana 303-455-4194 Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care and Event Center


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