Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, who pioneered organic skin care in Colorado nearly 36 years ago, proudly positions themselves as the most sustainable skin care company in the world.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care grows and harvests their organic ingredients on their own USDA certified organic farm, making them the only skin care company consumers can purchase directly from the USDA certified organic grower. They handcraft the manufacturing the manufacturing fresh in their state-of-the-art USDA certified organic lab located on the farm, and as a result, the manufacturing manufacturing uses zero transportation, decreasing emissions and environmental impacts while also providing products the highest quality control.

Many companies use ingredients in personal care products that are known to harm the environment, polluting our waterways and soil and harming fish and wildlife. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care uses zero synthetic chemicals in their products, putting “No synthetic chemicals, ever” on every bottle they produce, further promoting healthy skin care with positive environmental initiatives.

The company may also leave the smallest carbon footprint of any skin care company in the world. One vital component of this effort is using low waste packaging and packaging all full size products in glass bottles. They have recently added a key element to their eco-friendly packaging commitment: An ultrasonic cleaner. This system will make it possible for customers to bring or send back their empty Lily Farm Fresh bottles to the farm to be cleaned and recycled. To encourage participation in the company’s innovative recycling program, customers will receive a $3 off voucher in exchange for their empty bottles.

Lily Morgan CFO* says this about her commitment to sustainable business practices:

“Organic skin care products soothe the skin and help maintain a sustainable healthy planet. If I can protect the environment while also providing an amazing product, I’ve done my job.”

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care preserves over 250-acres of Colorado farmland from development. This is significant for contributing to the wellbeing of the planet, and also provides water quality and provides for groundwater recharge, preserves the scenic environment, wildlife habitat, and the historical integrity of the area. It is vitally essential for the company to uphold business practices throughout their entire process, from agriculture to final production.

Look for Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products where you shop for all of your organic needs: Whole Foods, Natural Grocers in Colorado or on-line.

Dana 303-455-4194 *CFO – Chief Farming Officer

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care and Event Center


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