Skin Care Blue Light Protection

REPOST: Skin Care Blue Light Protection is huge, with the majority of people still working from home, the effect blue light has isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Blue light glasses have come in handy to prevent eye strain and protect the eyes, but what about the skin? Researchers from The University of Toledo...

What Type of Collagen Supplements to Use For Healthy Skin Elasticity.

Having them promotes skin elasticity! Collagen supplements, powders and liquids are popping up all over the place! Personally, I don't feel fatigued although I do believe that when you practice "inside-out" wellness routines, they tend to be the most effective in the results you're looking for. Talk about health and healthy skin. ...

Bring the Sea to Thee Through Skin Care

Since the Earth was formed, the overall amount of water on the planet has remained relatively consistent. The water we drink today may contain molecules similar to what our ancestors drank. Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface while the average adult human body contains about 60%. The human body percentage...

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