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Late yesterday, Onondaga County CEO Ryan McMahon announced a notable increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the county. Although the rate of new cases on campus remains low, according to the district announcement, the University’s public health team has recommended that we take precautions to raise coverage requirements. face on our campus. level RED.

What does this action mean to you?

As of 5pm today, the following masking policy will be in place on the Syracuse University campus:

  • Mask requirements: All students, faculty, staff, and visitors (vaccinated and vaccinated) entering the Syracuse University campus must wear a mask indoors and outdoors in the presence of others at all times.
  • Masks optional: The following mask exceptions are permitted only for students, faculty, and staff:
    • Students in their boarding room
    • Employees are vaccinated while alone in a private office, personal workstation, or while working independently outdoors on campus
    • You can take off the mask when actively eating
  • Reminder: All individuals — regardless of immunization status and/or alert levels on campus — are required by New York State law to wear a mask on public transit (including the University Shuttle). Syracuse) and when visiting any healthcare facility (including Barnes Medical Center and Kimmel Testing Center).

Why does the mask level change?

Onondaga County reported a daily increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the community, which represents a notable departure from previous trends. And while our data does not currently show a similar increase in new cases on campus, key to our health and safety decision-making is acknowledging that we are a university closely connected to our community. Therefore, the University’s public health experts have determined that the requirement to wear a mask indoors at this time, regardless of immunization status, is an appropriate response to protect all members of the public. members of the campus community.

The school’s COVID mask framework is designed to allow us to respond to the evolving public health landscape in a dynamic and measured way. Today’s action is consistent with that intent and is exclusive to the campus face covering policy. School public health experts, in consultation with federal, state, and local public health officials, will continue to daily monitor COVID data on campus and in the community, It also makes recommendations regarding future adjustments to our campus face covering policy in accordance with data and science.

Please continue to visit for the latest information.

stay healthy,

J. Michael Haynie
Vice Chancellor in charge of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation


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