In our Test Run series, TZR editors and writers put the most popular new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, we tried the new Rose Inc Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream.

If you’ve ever started your day with a concealer that brightens dark circles, you’ll be glad to know that Rose Inc (yes, the company Rosie Huntington-Whiteley founded) recently launched New Eye Revival Brightening. Eye cream just for you. The product promises to plump the skin around the eyes while adding reflected light to fade and minimize dark circles.

Honestly, there are many * many pear-shaped eye creams on the market today – and why not? It makes sense to add a reflective ingredient to a skin care formula to brighten underexposed eye areas. With most pearl eye cream recipes, however, I can never really tell if they’re eye creams or really just glorified versions of brightening concealers. Some contain so much pearly pigment that they feel rough and heavy – more like makeup than I’d like for delicate skin. And other eye-brightening creams looking to work on long-lasting dark circles (with little success) it often leaves me wondering, Why can’t the brand market this product with a purpose: eye moisturizer?

On the other hand, Rose Inc’s Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream promises to eliminate dark circles, reduce puffiness and reduce the appearance of fine lines, while ensuring a formula that is both moisturizing *and* reflective. Given that I have dark circles, hereditary dryness, and age-related wrinkles, I wanted to see if this formula really worked for me. After about three weeks of trial, here’s what I found.

Before using a new eye cream.Isabella Sarlija

The Scoop On Rose Inc Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream

This formula contains squalane, a vegan and sustainable version of squalene derived from sugar cane. It is a non-comedogenic humectant, which means it won’t clog your pores but instead hydrates and plumps the lower layers of skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. In fact, a clinical trial conducted by the brand showed this formula instantly increased hydration by 131%. Plus, this formula contains niacinamide, a brightening agent that helps fade dark spots and can reduce inflammation (which means it’ll work on any puffiness).

Isabella Sarlija

However, it’s important to note that dark circles are genetic, and while things like stress and lack of sleep can cause changes in the under eye area (meaning they make this pigment look more visible). clearer) there’s just so much you can do to brighten them – aside from cosmetic procedures like eyeless fillers. However, a pear-shaped formula like this can reflect light in that area and give the illusion of dark circles reduction without the need for concealer. It’s wise to have reasonable expectations about any topical product for those who don’t already qualify.

After using Brightening eye cream that restores the eye area

Okay, so these specs are all good and nice – but how does it implement IRL? Initially, I put it to the test every morning and evening for three weeks. After completing my entire skincare routine, I would take a pea-sized amount of eye cream, warm it between my ring fingers and then gently pat the formula onto the skin around the whole thing. orbital bone. It’s important to use this technique for several reasons: first, you shouldn’t tug at the skin around your eyes because it’s quite thin and prone to wrinkles. Also, you’ll want to use your ring finger, as this is the weakest and will do the least amount of damage. And finally, tapping it along your orbital bone will help the product reach your missing eye area without moving too much into your actual eye.

Isabella Sarlija

Now, I was expecting this product to be drier as it seems like a thin cream and less straight to the eyes, but I was pleasantly surprised by its texture. It feels similar to my face cream, while still being light enough for my skin to absorb the hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Plus, since it’s non-comedogenic, I can apply this product without worrying about developing milia (AKA, those little white bumps that can look like breakouts in the lower eye area).

After applying Rose Inc. Eye Cream. Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream in three weeks – no concealer needed.Isabella Sarlija

To be Is Rose Inc’s Eye Revival Brightening worth it?

I have to admit I haven’t noticed a difference in my puffiness, but overall I don’t really get puffy other than being allergic to something.

As for my dark circles, I almost feel as if I don’t need any concealer when I use Eye Revival Brightening Eye Cream. (I also have a pretty solid relationship with my dark circles and I love seeing them on a daily basis.) I haven’t noticed a change in my dark circles over time, but that’s just hereditary. and I’m sure there are no products. will lighten them completely.

But for those days when I feel like I need to cover up my dark circles a bit, the shimmer I get from this eye cream is enough to make me instantly look more awake. Also, I find that the pink tint helps even out the different colors under my eyes, which is all the more reason for me to skip the concealer. However, if you want to completely cover your dark circles, I recommend this eye cream as a great primer for your concealer.

Plus, at $54, it’s competitively priced compared to other eye creams on the market and really *doesn’t* help fade dark circles (just doesn’t get rid of them completely in the long run). ). If you’re looking for something that can hydrate your skin and fade dark circles, to the point where you might not need concealer, look no further than Rose Inc’s latest launch. You and your bright eyes, can later thank me.

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