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Over the decades, countless people have turned to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in an attempt to manage their menopausal symptoms. But what effect does this drug have on the body’s largest organ, our skin?

Menopause can be a minefield. One minute we’re having hot flashes, the next minute we’re having chills. Trouble sleeping can turn us into zombies, while mood swings will blow our sails. Lucky for us, right?

Unbalanced hormones can make us feel out of balance – and our skin is no exception. Every year, thousands of us rely on HRT to help us navigate ‘change’. And, if you’ve noticed a difference in the look and texture of your skin, you’re not alone.

What happens to our skin during menopause?

Estrogen is a sex hormone that plays a huge role in the body. It’s a multi-tasker, managing everything from puberty and pregnancy to bone strength and cholesterol levels.

As our bodies prepare for menopause, our estrogen levels drop. Because estrogen is key to collagen production (a skin-loving super protein), our skin can start to lose elasticity and plumpness. The epidermis and dermis (the separate name for the inner and outer layers of the skin) can become thinner, leading to drier and more fragile skin – and we certainly didn’t subscribe to that!

As Dr. Ross Perry, Medical Director of Skin Clinic Cosmedics, explains: “Menopause can cause a host of skin conditions. Some individuals experience flare-ups of acne, while others have very dry skin. Some have very sensitive skin and pigmentation problems become more common, such as sun spots and patchy skin. “

While this may sound difficult, it is important to remember that these symptoms are not true for everyone. All of our skin stories are completely different, so your skin will unfold its own unique path.

How can HRT help?

HRT can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms of menopause by boosting estrogen levels and rebalancing hormones. But what does our skin think of HRT? Well, it’s usually pretty quirky!

There is a lot of research showing that HRT can improve the health and appearance of the skin. In fact, one of the most cited studies found that HRT significantly reduced dry skin and wrinkles among 3,000 participants. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But how – in the words of pop icon Cher – HRT ‘turns back in time’? Simply put, the level of collagen in our skin increases the amount of estrogen. This means that the thickness and vascularity of the skin is also enhanced, so your youthfulness can be central.

The return of acne?

However, HRT doesn’t make everyone’s skin famous. Some people find that the initial hormone changes caused by HRT make their skin more oily. Result? Acne is reminiscent of your youth.

Testosterone is the main culprit of acne. While both estrogen and testosterone levels drop during menopause, estrogen falls at a much faster rate, creating an imbalance that leads to acne.

After a few months of using HRT, your hormone levels will stabilize and your skin will glow. But in the meantime, it’s important to treat your skin with the attention it’s craving. Here’s what our skin care experts recommend:

Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier

It doesn’t win many awards for no reason! There really is no better way to start and end your day than with this creamy cleanser. Easily removes makeup and impurities, helping to rebalance sebum so you can say goodbye to breakouts. With green tea extract to fight free radicals, moisturizing aloe vera juice and revitalizing jojoba oil, deep cleansing has never felt so good.

Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask

For clear skin? Your wishes are our command, thanks to this magic mask. Green clay and bamboo charcoal gently absorb dead skin cells and excess oil, while spirulina and goji berries calm angry skin. And don’t forget salicylic acid – the number one BHA for acne. Breakthrough has no chance against this dream team.

Pure Lagoon Anti-Blemish Serum

Are you trying to balance oily skin in some areas but dry in others? We hear you! Our award-winning serum helps bring back happy and healthy skin. Bursting with prebiotics, green spirulina and vitamin B3, it has everything your skin’s microbiome needs to thrive. Oh, and flare? What outbreak?

1639570397 409 HRT AND OUR SKIN – Tropic Skincare

HRT patch

There are different forms of HRT, including tablets, implants, and gels. However, HRT patches are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their convenience and reduced risks associated with their use.

The HRT patches attach to the skin, sending the hormone directly into your bloodstream. While these patches are really handy, they can cause skin irritation and inflammation – especially when it’s time to remove them! Instead of ‘tear off the tape’, we wanted to ‘gently remove the patch with a soapy felt and a little bit of body oil’. Ok, it doesn’t have the same ring as it, but your skin will thank you.

We recommend our Awaken The Senses Luxury Body Oil. This delicious cocktail includes bergamot, macadamia oil and vitamin E to help remove any sticky residue left behind by the patch. Better still, it hydrates and conditions skin as it works!

For some of us, HRT isn’t the answer – and that’s perfectly fine! Your GP will help you find the right treatment for your body, so make sure you talk to them first.

Do you have any skincare advice for people starting their HRT journey? Share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages – let’s help each other.

There’s no denying that menopause can be a complicated chapter in our lives, but skin care doesn’t need to be complicated. Ours Skin care process search engine will help you find the best products for your skin in just a few clicks.


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