Cold, dry weather will cause some marks to appear on the skin. See, in the winter we experience more transepidermal water loss, or the process of moisture in the skin evaporating into the air around you. The result is the irritated, cracked, dehydrated skin we often associate with the fall and winter months.

And skin that is directly exposed to the air is often at the highest risk of disease. That’s why the skin on your face can become drier (it’s time to stock up on facial moisturizers, right?) and most notably on your hands.

Hands become even more vulnerable due to more wear and tear: Between working with them, washing hands, hygiene, and frequent exposure to environmental agents — delicate skin can be Needs more moisture and protection.

This is where hand creams come in. But not all hand creams are created equal: You need a cream that addresses all aspects of barrier function. Allow us to explain.


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