If you’re really unsatisfied with your blemish-prone skin and if you’ve eliminated anything from this list, let it be blue light therapy. With the exception of Isotretinoin, nothing has made my skin significantly cleaner than blue light treatments. A newer, innovative acne treatment available on the market, it’s not something I’ve noticed it’s completely mainstream. After hearing about it from a friend of the public, I was also skeptical until brought up a few years ago. Now it really is one of the most important parts of my routine. Thanks to the antibacterial ability of the blue wavelength, the emitted light effectively destroys certain types of bacteria that cause pore-clogging. After one session, my pimples literally shrunk overnight, drying them out and making them much easier to treat with topicals. It’s not very convenient because it leaves you on the edge of your seat with lots of flashing lights on your face, but it’s really worth it. I’m a fan of Dr. Dennis Gross’ mask-like device, but there are plenty of other options that are equally affordable and effective.


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