I created Hand butter cures because we all need a good hand butter. My grandmother, Nana, is an incredible gardener and has a beautiful garden. My sister, Elizabeth (Nana’s name), inherited that gene and also has a beautiful garden. Both are hard working with the hands of gardeners and that is what created the spark for this product.

What makes it even more special is Kokum Butter, a healing butter from India.

Kokum butter is a fun ingredient to work with because the name might make you think it’s soft, but in its raw state, it’s as hard as a piece of wood. We had a huge learning curve but when we succeeded, it turned into a luxurious buttercream like ice cream. It has healing properties unlike any other hand product I have used before. Healing Hand Butter is great for everyone, not just gardeners. Our hands work hard and they need a little love and tender care.


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