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As often as a product pops up on my desk, I simply won’t stay silent. Ask my co-workers — a few months ago, the only thing I could wear were the RecTrek Voices Outdoors Pants ($98) that I refused to take off nor keep quiet. Then there’s the Buffy Wiggle Pillow ($110), which follows me from room to room, providing much-needed support for my back and hips as I work from home.

Now? I entered the stage of Ghost Democracy Cocoon Cream ($32), where I seem to mention this decadent cream in any conversation I enter.

Out of all the skin care products to use, I very picky about my moisturizer. Serums, treatments and sprays, I can all do without. But moisturizer? That’s the only thing I would figure out, if you will. That’s why I’m simply so impressed by the Cocoon Cream — for just $32, this dreamy jar of goodness gives my skin a boost. all It hydrates as I start the morning, leaving me with dew-soft skin until nighttime.

That’s because this cream is packed with outstanding plant-based ingredients that nourish the skin and leave it feeling plump and fresh. First, it’s ceramides, an ingredient loved for its ability to naturally hydrate skin. As Sheel Desai Solomon, MD, a dermatologist in Cary, North Carolina previously told us, these fatty acids are actually the “mortar” of the skin (“our bricks” are the cells themselves. skin). “They are popular in cosmetics because they help smooth the skin,” says Dr. Solomon.[Ceremides] Helps protect skin’s barriers and locks in moisture as well as protects skin from pollutants. “

Lock in moisture, which they certainly do. Like I said, this dream cream leaves me feeling fresh long after I first apply it, keeps my skin from drying out and eliminates any need for extra application throughout the day. It also contains a blend of fats, which are the good fats that help give skin firmness and texture. Combined with the cream’s content of plant-based squalane (a humectant) and oat seed extract (a natural anti-oxidant and anti-pollution agent), it’s no surprise that I wouldn’t be silent on the type. this cream.

I’m not the only one who’s been amazed by Ghost Democracy Cocoon Cream — peruse the numerous satisfied customer reviews on the internet, and you’ll find I’m one of the many who have been left with butterflies. a few times of this stuff.

Many people praise it for its deeply moisturizing properties that penetrate the skin and soothe the skin. “By far my favorite deep-moisturizer! Our weather was very dry this fall and this has made a huge difference in keeping my face happy,” said one customer. written by Verishop. Followed by, “Thick and moisturizing. I’m very pleased with the consistency and I love knowing it’s clean beauty.”

Others love it for its texture, a light yet rich cream that ‘cocoons’ the skin, if you like, in light, airy layers. “It’s rich in nutrients but is instantly absorbed into the skin, so there’s no oily residue,” wrote another Verishop user. “This is great if you’re looking for something to soothe your dry skin without making it greasy. It’s also a good moisturizing base under makeup!”

See? I’m not only one won’t be silent about this miracle moisturizer—it really is that good. Help yourself and care for your skin with total hydration, texture and revitalization with Cocoon Ghost Democracy Cream. At just $32 a jar, it’s sure to give you glamorous skin.

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Our editors select these products independently. Purchases through our links can earn Good + Good commissions.


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