Nothing can be more frustrating and frustrating than a chronic acne problem

Acne is one of those potential chronic problems that, if not addressed properly, can become a long-term mental and physical challenge, even leading to scarring and blemishes caused by acne. can change your skin for a lifetime.

Since acne directly affects how you look and how you see yourself and you are seen, there is also a strong incentive to improve symptoms as quickly as possible, often forgetting about the need. of long-term treatment to get permanent results.

So can we do both? Zap the zit while treating acne in a way that will prevent new ones from forming?

It’s correct! It’s called the integrated approach, and here’s how we’ve helped over a million people with acne become ACNE.

Acne is a manifestation of an internal problem, namely an overproduction of sebum (skin oil) by the sebaceous glands. This amount of sebum, along with dead skin cells and dirt, creates ideal conditions for bacteria. This mixture can cause inflammation, which manifests as acne (nodules, cysts, nodules, etc.). Consider that the cause of acne is internal – the ONLY REAL treatment for acne is to reprogram your sebaceous glands to stop the overproduction of sebum.

This will really PREVENT New acne appears and breaks the acne cycle. If we combine this PREVENTION action with relatively rapid relief of symptoms – We have won the battle with acne.

Unfortunately, most products both topical and systemic (creams, lotions as well as antibiotics and even birth control pills) focus on the symptoms of acne but do not address the actual root cause. acne. Also – the longer and more severe your acne, the longer the road to recovery.


4 key ingredients of the synergistic fight against acne

1. STOP The Acne Cycle (Treatment and Prevention). Think about this. Acne is an external manifestation of an internal disorder in the body. And how do you prevent it from happening? PREVENT. The key to getting rid of your acne is to prevent it from recurring. AcnEase is the first systemic, plant-based acne treatment that truly focuses on prevention by helping your sebaceous glands return to normal sebum secretion.

2. Reduce existing inflammation. Vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Pantothenic Acid in foods and supplements are useful for controlling inflammation from deep within, and topical anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents such as Neosporin (apply sparingly to the head) Q on acne and pimples), or witch hazel used to clean the affected area twice a day, will help with this problem. Please note that using harsh drying agents such as -salicylic acid or alcohol (and products containing them) will not help. On the contrary, since these are drying and irritating and our skin is a pretty “smart” organ – it will react with more sebum production and cause more inflammation.

3. Conceal and Camouflage without exacerbating acne problem. Nature has chameleons, and we have some “commercial tricks” to hide those unwanted and expected pimples or clear them up (or almost clean) in the long run. to make them disappear for good. Looking good and feeling good is really good for you. These emergency tips and makeup tips for acne help you win the battle against acne by allowing you to follow the right procedure.

4. Supports the long-term health of your body and skin Incorporating certain foods into your diet including vitamins that support optimal skin health will only help your body treat and continue to help prevent acne long-term.

Question? Please contact us. We are here to help!

With the promise of clean skin,
Dr. Agnes


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