Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care pioneered organic skin care in Colorado over 35 years ago, and confidently thrives as a proudly local Colorado company. Furthermore, Lily Farm Fresh remains the only skin care company in the world that consumers can buy directly from a USDA certified organic grower. Lily Farm Fresh grows, harvests, and crafts organic skin care with fresh ingredients grown right on their own USDA certified organic Colorado farm, all while preserving 250 acres of Colorado farmland. As a result, the production uses no transportation, reducing emissions and impact on the environment.

Lily Morgan grew up as a laborer on her family’s apple farm, where she learned the work ethic necessary to produce and maintain her own farmland. She decided early on to be a sustainable, organic Colorado farmer, and from day one, she proudly boasted, “No synthetic chemicals – ever!” on every Lily Farm Fresh Skincare product. She started selling her skincare line to natural retailers in the Colorado Front Range in 1986 – long before the organic line was popular.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care has always been a top priority in creating products that work with nature and create quality skin care that customers can use with the certainty of amazing results at the same time. while supporting a local business in Colorado. Lily Farm Fresh is dedicated to growing the freshest ingredients including natural, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents found from Mother Nature and sourced from Colorado.

A proud Colorado local business, Lily Farm Fresh is committed to maintaining a low carbon footprint. They use low-waste packaging, pack all full-sized products in glass bottles, and also have a recycling program. Customers can visit their Colorado farm and really see their products being made!

Lily Morgan, CFO* and Founder of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care said: “Colorado has always been special to me and the place I call home. I’m proud to contribute to my state by supporting local sustainability, and my business calls Colorado home too! ”

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, founded in 1986, creates organic skin care products that soothe skin and help maintain a sustainable healthy planet. They are USDA certified organic Colorado growers who believe Mother Nature is the best cure for Father’s Time. For Lily, organic isn’t a catchphrase, it’s an agricultural methodology, and the company is proud to have been a Colorado local business for the past 35 years.


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