1. Amazing results. Our freshly grown ingredients include natural, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents found from Mother Nature. Our completely plant-based compounds contain cell-proliferating ingredients that truly regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. See our testimonials.

2. Completely fresh and organic. We source all of our organic ingredients and hand-craft FRESH products in our own USDA certified organic lab located on our farm.

3. Support local sustainability. We are the only skin care company on the planet that you can buy directly from a USDA certified organic grower. Lily is a 7th generation American grower, and contributes to the development of sustainable American farming models.

4. Smallest carbon footprint. In fact, Lily skin care probably leaves the smallest carbon footprint of any skin care company in the world. How?

  • Our production uses no transport for our hand-harvested ingredients
  • We use zero waste packaging
  • We pack all full sizes in glass
  • We keep 185 acres of Colorado family organic farmland
  • We get less than half of our trash bags per week for our entire manufacturing process.

5. Synthetic chemicals Zero. We have to put “Never Synthetic Chemicals” in every bottle we produce.

6. Organic Because It’s Good. Not because it’s fashionable. In 1986, “green” was not a buzzword. But at Lily’s Farm, we pioneered results-driven organic skin care. Today, we have nearly 30 years of experience in organic production. That’s what makes our products phenomenal.

7. We love our customers. We pride ourselves on maintaining the best customer service. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, we’ll work with you to find a solution – or give you a refund!

8. You will love our products. Our products are backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee for all consumer customers.


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