Even if you’ve found a balanced skin care regimen — and even if it’s minimalistic and easy to maintain — you’ll periodically find yourself with patches of dry, itchy skin. Cold, dry air in winter is almost certainly the cause. But dry skin can also happen in the summer, especially in less humid climates or when your air conditioner is turned on at high temperatures.

It’s hard to know what you can do to avoid this, as there are so many factors that affect the moisture status of your skin. It could be the amount of time you shower, the temperature of said shower, the product you are using, and the product you don’t shower.

Here are 5 ways to get rid of dry skin—especially when it’s temporary or seasonal. (Many of these tips can work in any season, but they’re not necessarily the answer to standard dry skin, which is a genetic in itself – as opposed to having naturally oily or balanced skin.) course).

But if you are experiencing temporary dry skin, write this list down and look at all the ways you can prevent dry, itchy skin and quickly correct any existing cases.

Shorter, cooler and less showers

Long hot showers can be hard to believe, but they take a toll on your skin. Hot water removes moisture, and thus removes all the natural oils your skin needs to stay soft and smooth. So if you can manage – and it’s a big IF, we know – try to bring the temperature down a few notch, and then move on with your regimen. Second, try to limit bathing to once a day, especially in the winter when the dry air has dried out your skin. If none of these are possible (how annoying you are), then insist on the next tips.

Replenish every part of the body — Immediately after bathing

If your reaction to a shorter, cooler shower was a hearty “honest,” we understand. But know that the best time to hydrate any part of the body is when it is freshly cleansed. This means it doesn’t have dirt, toxins, or other barriers getting in the way of your skin — so you’ll get the maximum benefit of the product and much less breakouts. Second, since you also know that showers can often dehydrate your skin (as can some common cleansing products, as discussed below), your skin often needs to be hydrated right after. when washing. This is especially beneficial at night, during which you can hydrate your entire body and enjoy the benefits of extra nourishment while your body enters its regeneration, recovery cycle with a refreshing dose of water. Lightweight, quick-drying lotion.

Choose some thick shells

Consider stepping it up further: lotions and creams tend to nourish and protect the skin’s moisture barrier function better than lotions (due to their higher oil content). Look for super-moisturizing ingredients in your body moisturizer, like jojoba extract/oil, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. You might even consider a mild exfoliating formula that includes lactic acid or glycolic acid to help remove dead skin.

Buy a humidifier

Your nighttime skin care regimen should focus more on skin products. On the other hand, it’s important to apply lotions and lotions before bed, to help skin cells regenerate overnight and combat dry air. However, you can also improve the quality of the air you soak in all night — figuratively, it needs to add moisture for you. soak By buying a humidifier and placing it in the dryer for a few months, you can dehumidify the room, which means the air doesn’t dehydrate your skin. Think of it this way: It’s a lot harder to dry a wet towel in a warm, humid bathroom than it is in a cold and ventilated room. If you pump more water into the air in your bedroom (and don’t forget to close the door to keep the moisture in), your skin won’t dry out. It also affects the quality of your sleep and breathing, as your throat and mouth are not prone to dryness either.

Use moisturizing soaps and cleansers

In addition to bathing for shorter periods of time and showering less often, it’s also important to evaluate the products you’re using to wash your skin. They are often the culprit, as their job is to draw excess oil from the skin, along with dirt. However, sometimes they are too good at this, especially in winter when you need to preserve that moisture more. Stock up on products that promise to hydrate or retain moisture while they clean.

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