Best face wash for acne?

Review of Medimix (Ayurvedic) facial cleanser

Best Ayurvedic skin care and over-the-counter acne treatment

It’s safe to say that people are searching for the holy grail – the best acne cleanser. The single, inexpensive treatment that clears all acne, erases all signs of post-acne scarring, leaves skin like supermodels, and costs under a few dollars. Oh, and lasted for months with no side effects. I may have overlooked a few but that’s the gist. Unfortunately, this isn’t an acne cleanser, but I try not to make perfection the enemy of pretty good. And this product is pretty good.

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Medimeix acne cleanser

Base – Ayurveda and Acne

The Medimix brand has been around in India since 1969 and dates back to the beginnings of an Ayurvedic practitioner named Dr VP Sidhan. He has created a line of soaps with various high quality Ayurvedic ingredients, imbued with the traditions of his family and country for the treatment of skin ailments and disorders.

In 2013, the company was considered as one of the most trusted brands in India (56order) and in the category for personal care (13th) of the Economic Times conducted the Brand Value Survey.

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List of Key Ingredients with brief description

Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) – Herbs found in India. Good for skin texture and fights acne. [1]

Nimba (Azadirachta indica) – Commonly known as Neem. Neem oil for acne has a long history. Again, the acne-fighting powers of neem oil have been studied. Results show that it reduces the inflammation of acne and is considered to have anti-infective properties. [2]

Haridra (Curcuma longa) – Commonly known as Turmeric. Excellent anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties. [3], [4]

Kushtha (Saussurea lappa) – A species of thistle native to South Asia. It promotes healthy skin. [5]

Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) – An evergreen Ayurvedic plant found in tropical and subtropical regions. Has broad ethnic properties, which are not limited to anti-inflammatory and anti-acne effects. [6]

Kumari (Aloe Vera) – A far-reaching and widespread beneficial effect on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory effects and acts as a bacteriostatic or bactericidal (Bcidal) agent against acne-causing bacteria. Is this the best aloe vera gel for acne? Try it for yourself. [7]

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Products in use


  • Soap-free acne gel
  • Not contain paraben
  • Acne-free, soft and smooth skin
  • Use essential herbs suitable for all skin types
  • More effective than acne
  • Radiant and hydrated skin
  • Shrink or reduce the appearance of large pores and small scars
  • No animal fat
  • No chalk residue or streaks that can stain clothes or bed sheets
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Small quantity can cover large volume


  • Some chemicals are inactive (not harmful), mainly for stabilization, preservation and color
  • The color may change over time, but the effect of the product remains the same
  • Should be stored in an environment without excessive temperature or humidity
  • Very few places do it (hopefully Amazon has more supplies/suppliers in the future)
  • When buying online, it can take several weeks to arrive depending on the supplier
  • Has a herbal scent that is not too pungent but is noticeable and can be problematic for those with a sensitive sense of smell. Although the smell doesn’t seem to last long with a small amount

Summary – The best acne cleanser?

I’ve spent my life looking for a unicorn that spits out gold and requires no maintenance, only rewards. Still searching. Same goes for Medimix– while not the holy grail of acne treatments, it is a worthwhile product with many uses. Plus, a little goes a long way.

I came across this product by accident while attending a health fair a few weeks ago and was impressed with the quality of the product as well as the other product lines (soaps, cosmetics).

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You can see from the ingredient list the impressive idea that went into the recipe. I will not go into specific aspects of Ayurvedic medicine because I don’t feel qualified. After doing some research on the herbs included in the product, I was keen to learn more about it.


Sometimes with new products it takes a trial period, the body needs to adapt or adjust to the substance. This can manifest itself as a condition that grows in intensity and severity for a number of reasons. I won’t say this happened to me or that I found it in other people’s reviews, just saying that it’s something to keep in mind and consider when trying any new product.

Once again, having used the product and satisfied with its effectiveness (reduce pore size and small acne scars), the quality of the ingredients due to the company’s reputation, I recommend the product product with the advice of a medical practitioner if there are any questions, and start it slowly the first few days to ensure that no allergic reactions or unspecified side effects occur.

Finally, I’d say I don’t use it for acne, as I don’t have any existing acne, so I can’t make any guarantees on that aspect of the product. Although the product has good reviews online for its ability to treat acne. It has had a positive effect on my skin inflammation and acts like a gentle moisturizer reducing the appearance of minor scars when using the product.

I really want readers to try it out and give feedback, in comments or messages to me.

With that said, this is a really great product and I look forward to your experience.

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