The consumer dermatology company Dermala, Inc. 11040.046 “Acne Vulgaris Treatment Ingredients and Methods,” covers the use of the human microbiome to treat and prevent acne.

Dermala’s patented technology uses novel, microbially derived, human postbiotics, beneficial bacterial-derived metabolites in the human microbiome, to inhibit C. acnes, including antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria isolated from individuals with treatment-resistant acne. These beneficial postbiotics work synergistically when combined with other ingredients currently approved for the treatment of acne. As a result, the combination significantly increased the effectiveness of the treatment without causing side effects, the company said. In addition, these microbiome-derived postbiotics correct imbalances in the microbiome of acne sufferers and enhance the acne-fighting bacteria present in the skin microbiome, thereby creating naturally longer lasting results.

“Consumer dermatology is ripe for science-based solutions to treat common skin conditions,” says Lada Rasochova, PhD, MBA, founder/CEO and co-inventor. . “The use of the human microbiome to treat skin conditions associated with microbiome imbalance has great scientific significance. We have proven that we can deliver outstanding results by incorporating the human microbiome in a novel, unique and unexpected way. ”


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