A randomized, blind investigator study was recently published in Journal of Dermatology Treatment evaluated 52 patients with moderate to severe dry skin to determine how a daily skin care routine with mild cleansers and moisturizers impacts skin health and quality of life ( QOL).first While it is well known that moisturizing skin care products can have beneficial effects on dry skin, the role of a daily skin care routine is still poorly understood, according to the authors.

Of the 52 patients included in the trial, 39 used a mild cleanser and moisturizer twice daily for 2 weeks and another 13 used a mild cleanser without a moisturizer. Total clinical score (TSC) including erythema, scale and fissure, Dry Eye Score (VDS) and subjective itch-related quality of life (ItchyQoL) data were collected.

There was a more significant improvement in TCS and VDS in the treatment group compared with the control group after 2 weeks. In addition, in the 3 components of IthcyQoL, symptoms, functions and emotions, the treatment group showed more improvement than the control group. Over 80% of patients in the treatment group also agreed that this regimen helped relieve dryness and itching while improving skin texture.

The authors conclude: In general, a consistent skin care regimen should be an integral component in the management of dry skin.


1. Kim S, Ly BK, Ha JH, et al. A consistent skin care regimen leads to objective and subjective improvements in human dry skin: investigator-blind randomized clinical trial. Journal of Therapeutic Dermatology. Year 2020; 0 (0): 1-6. doi: 10.1080 / 09546634.2020.1751037


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