There’s nothing like romanticizing commuting and catching a flight. But, the downside? In between picture-perfect clips are often red-eye flights. We were all there. Rushed to make the last flight back home and a few hours after landing, headed straight into the office with dark circles and puffy bags under her eyes. Luckily, those dark circles from a late-night flight aren’t suitable for this eye-lifting cream.

Clarins Total Eye Lift Concentrate Eye Cream is as luxurious as any other eye cream. The creamy texture melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Instead, the skin under the eyes feels hydrated and refreshed. In addition to the creamy feel, the formula is also impressive. It has anti-aging ingredients that help to minimize dark circles, fine lines, and ultimately, give skin a firmer look.

While other eye creams promise similar results, Clarins’ formula really works. And thanks to the brand’s signature blend of organic harungana tree extract and cassie wax, it instantly plumps skin and fades signs of aging within 60 seconds, according to the brand. There’s also caffeine in the cream, which boosts the formula’s potency and helps fade dark circles and shine. Like a cup of coffee, it awakens the skin and even leaves a radiant finish.

Shoppers at Nordstrom were so impressed with this formula that they made some real eye cream reviews, going so far as to call the product a “game changer”. . One customer said the cream made them look “well rested”. Plus, “Total Eye Lift did a great job of removing my dark circles. I don’t walk around looking tired anymore (even when I do).”

In addition to working to fade dark circles and any signs of sleepless nights, the effective eye cream also helps eliminate the signs of aging. “My favorite eye cream,” said one shopper. “I’ve been using Clarins products for many years now and have tried many eye creams, but Total Eye Lift is one of my favorites. It’s very moisturizing, non-greasy, and makes a great moisturizer. more wrinkles. smoother. I really recommend it.”

One last satisfied customer wrote that this cream was simply “instant gratification.” Couldn’t really ask for anything better, especially after a day of travel. So if rejuvenated eyes look completely awake and alive with just one application of eye cream, you won’t want to miss out. Head to Nordstrom now and grab the Clarins Total Eye Lift Concentrate while it’s on sale for $76.


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