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Whether you’re still having a hangover from the holiday (hey, no judgement!), Establishing a “set up your skin care routine” solution, or dealing with seemingly chronic dark circles, you may be looking for an eye cream on the market. But since the skin around your peepers is the thinnest on your body, you probably don’t want to put on any old-fashioned lotion and call it a day. So chances are it’s fate – kismet, destiny, whatever word you choose – that Summer Fridays just rolled out their first eye cream and started to be available for purchase. today.

From the same brand that basically broke the internet with the Jet Lag Mask (Buy it, $49, sephora.com), comes Light Aura Vitamin C + Peptide Eye Cream (Buy It, $42, sephora.com): A creamy, lush multitasking product designed to deliver a brighter, firmer appearance. The soft butter formula not only features a supercharged ingredient set, but it’s also completely cruelty-free and vegan – as is true of all the company’s coveted products, BTW. Furthermore, eye creams are also free of sulfates, which can be irritating to some people, and parabens, which are considered endocrine disruptors (read: they can affect hormonal function). (Related: The Correct Way to Apply Eye Cream, According to Dermatologists)

First launched last week, Summer Fridays’ latest creation is powered by a range of super-powerful ingredients including skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C and a blend of peptides – both work together to make those who are tired after the holiday peek. thing of the past. For starters, vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant. Meaning, it helps neutralize free radicals from UV rays and pollution to repair any damage (think: hyperpigmentation) and protect the skin later from the effects of these molecules (e.g., hyperpigmentation). such as collagen breakdown, skin cancer), dermatologist Ted Lain, MD in Austin, previously said Shape. Vitamin C is also touted for its skin-lightening effects and like other ingredients, peptides, can also stimulate the body to produce collagen (the substance that keeps skin firm). Taken together, of course, the two ingredients – through Light Aura – can help keep your skin looking smothered, no matter how many hours you’ve slept.

The caffeine in Summer Fridays eye creams can help, too. Essentially, this ingredient works harder than your am latte by constricting blood vessels and thus, naturally minimizing the “all-night vibe” around the eyes. In addition to this de-puffiness, this super-moisturizer also contains skin-soothing agents allantoin and vitamin E. Overall, Light Aura will leave your eye area hydrated, soft, and perfect for makeup if that’s it. your feeling. or a selfie-ready face saying, “I slept all night. No, I actually did.”

Since the ice cream just hit shelves (mostly at the company’s website and sephora.com and actually at Sephora stores) today, January 4th, there aren’t too many “Purchasable” reviews. verify” to see before deciding to buy or not. One thing you can count on, though? The brand, founded by two beauty influencers, knows what they’re doing when it comes to taking care of your skin. In fact, it received rave reviews from Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And with the company selling one of its Jet Lag Masks every two minutes in 2019, it seems very likely that their Light Aura Vitamin C + Peptide Eye Cream will soon follow. (Next: 10 best eye creams to firm, reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles)


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