Beauty rituals combine the art and expression of self-love, and can even be a spiritual experience, a kind of meditation, when you consciously, mindfully, take the time to appreciate self, the world and its blessings.

The French have a saying: “Etre bien dans sa peau” (to feel good on one’s skin). What could be more important? Both externally and internally, God’s creation is what we are talking about. It would be an insult not to take care of this creation. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are made of Divinity.

Creating harmony in our daily lives is a great source of health. Balancing aspects of our day between activity and rest, time spent inside with time outside, and mental activity with physical activity enhances longevity. Being near man-made objects and nature, being with people and being alone. If you live in the frenzy of the city, make sure you get to enough sea, mountain, or forest. It is important to take some time each day to reflect and reaffirm what is important.

How we see ourselves is imperative to how we look and who we are. The foundation of beauty is self-esteem. We all need to create a peaceful place for ourselves in the world, a place on the planet where we feel as completely comfortable as possible. We need to be mindful of any and all negativity, get to the source of our pain and deal with it, and find a place to put it where it can’t create havoc, but still be. where we do not deny its existence.

We need to cultivate an attitude where we see ourselves as complete with our flaws, where we can accept those flaws as well as our positives and cultivate acceptance. to themselves as integrated beings.

We need to see ourselves and others as beautiful, healthy, happy, and in harmony with ourselves before we can live in harmony with others. It’s important to allow yourself to visualize your beauty instead of focusing on your minor flaws.

Take control of what you can to be beautiful. First, you need to feel good.


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