Home remedy for acne: tongue scraping

Shave or not shave

If you’re like Gene Simmons from Kiss, you’ll need a blade scraper the size of a snow plow to get the job done.

When pondering ideas for blogging about me, I often enjoy contemplating the simplest, easiest-to-implement methods you can take to combat the scourge of acne. Simple sometimes means cheap and easy — a creed that many people live their entire lives. By pursuing the “hanging fruit” of the acne world, we can find solutions in corners of research we never knew existed.

Ayurveda treats acne

I wanted to look at the many health possibilities, one of which is an Ayurvedic acne treatment. Now this post will not go into the study of the practice or try to analyze how and how it has brought to the modern world. That is beyond my level. What I am qualified to do is find topics that match my complex curiosity.

As a study of health and medicine, acne treatment in Ayurveda would probably be closer to a holistic approach. The fact that it has been around for thousands of years seems to suggest a degree of credibility to it. On the other hand, if it were a crushing defeat, few patients would live long enough to live up to its virtues or produce descendants that would do so. Nor is this a sensational endorsement; When new information emerges that changes the old order, what was once prevailing gives way to the closest approximation of truth we can get.

To the best of knowledge, the practice of tongue scraping has been a common practice of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for several thousand years. [1] To some extent, it persisted to some extent during that time. Outside the epicenter where it originated – India and China – it has varying degrees of ups and downs and prevalence, including a resurgence in recent years in other parts of the world.

It was this rise that led me to include it in the free acne guide offered by this site. The guide is not some ancient book with a direct lineage to some forgotten source of knowledge passed down through the various ups and downs of human civilization from a few hundred thousand years ago, when sticks and stones are both rage, and the wheel doesn’t first find its groove.

Likewise, it is unlike the Necronomicon that blesses its readers with some of the same powers as the ancients that rule in the dark. No, far from it.

The Free Acne Guide is a PDF that presents simple and easy ideas that I wish I had first learned about when I started my journey to conquer the stinking monster called acne. Most people are fortunate enough to overcome this condition, but for those who are not, more hardship and sacrifice is required to win. This free acne guide is my note to my former self about things to tick off the checklist. Most are simple and easy with prices ranging from cheap to free. Not all, but many.

It’s definitely something to jot down in your acne knowledge base and just takes the time and commitment to give it a go.

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What do you say this razor blade is?

Our tongues are an over-breeding ground for all manners in life. Think of it as a collection plate of the microbial world. Our mouths provide the perfect cradle for this life to proliferate – crumbs of food strewn in every way and fold, darkness pervades, the temperature is set to perfection, pleasant humidity and dampness. It is one of the main buses for microbial life in the body.

If when you wake up, you directly look in the mirror and examine the taste tester without a lid, you will find some junk. The slugs dot each crevice with sparkling jets of saliva to match a wide range of colors. [1] Make no mistake, this is normal and is directly or indirectly responsible for much of your elegant morning breath that can pierce diamonds or melt lead.

tongue forest, scraped tongue, acne
Wiki Commons
tongue diagram, tongue scraping, acne
Wiki commons

If you notice tassels or ingrown hairs, seek medical attention, as this is a sign of some stench that no weed or trim tool can cure. You may need life and an exorcism to keep you going. Pity. It just means you waited too long to shave that tongue.

Don’t feel bad. We were all there. Not fun. I won’t ask where your tongue has been or what it tastes like, if you will return the favor.

Put the shaving blade in full circle

The philosophy behind tongue scraping is simple. The body’s way of dealing with excess is to get rid of it in a way that is least resistant. This can sometimes be the skin that leads to breakouts in the t-zone. Combine this with the t-zone close enough to the tongue that any foul remnants can find an easy way out of the mouth through the thin skin lining it.

It is hypothesized that this thin layer may allow certain bacteria in the vascular network to spread out and enter through other parts of the body. This may explain why acne in the t-zone is so bad. Do you have acne around your mouth and chin? Milia along the jaw? Pimples around lips? Between the eyebrows? Around the nose?

Through all of this, your immune system is fighting the acne bacteria, trying to wage a war on multiple fronts, while the home base (tongue) becomes increasingly hectic. than. [3] In addition, since most of these bacteria exist in biofilms, [4] it further stresses the immune system. In addition, removing the biofilm of the tongue makes it easier for the immune system to function.

white spots on tongue, pimples on my tongue, you can get pimples on your tongue, pimples on tongue
Biofilms and acne in tongue care by Wiki Commons

Tongue scraper

When deciding on your weapon (choosing the best blade razor), several schools of thought need to be carefully considered. Do you want a premium metal tongue scraper? The one made of a material worth more than the GDP of some small country, that is jewel-encrusted jewelry and has an alloy that stands ahead of time and will last after the end of the universe? Cause if you have that, great! I need it to finish my spacetime folding machine and get the hell out of here.

Otherwise there is little shame in the lower level properties. Now, you’ll find all sorts of materials for a tongue scraper to consider: plastic, bone, metal, etc. I can’t say for certain other than finding something cheap and easy. as a starter (self-shaving blade). Even an ordinary kitchen spoon will work and serve as a great surrogate for a stainless steel blade scraper.

Various tongue scrapers can be found here.

The goal is to shave with precision, in a consistent and persistent direction that allows you to make an objective decision in a matter of weeks.

Also, you’re better off starting with a spoon and being like “really love this”, than shelling out for primo level stuff and paying for it until you die.

Of course, if you want a recommendation, the Dr.


I’m not claiming that tongue scraping will remove the reservoirs that are causing your problems. Nor am I saying that not using a tongue scraper is the reason why your acne won’t go away or heal. What I am saying is that the less toxins and bacteria present in your body, the better. Best of all, it means your immune system will be less taxed and won’t have to strike multiple fronts. Shaving your tongue has the side effect of making your breath less bad [5] and can improve your taste buds.

Finally, tongue scraping should be used in conjunction with appropriate dental procedures and include brushing and flossing. Combined, they can work in tandem to further reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue. [6]

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Working in the city:

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These same techniques are applied to brushing your tongue, which can be done as well. Keep in mind that a tongue brush or anything other than a stiff brush to brush your tongue may not do the job as effectively. Brush that tongue. Shave that tongue. Finish it.

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