This came up recently in a media request and also in Instagram questions.

Why do we even get acne here? It’s a host of factors – the number of oil glands, your genetic tendency to acne, picking behavior, prolonged sitting, and clothes that irritate the hair follicles.

These four steps will help get rid of most of it. But if it persists, see your dermatologist; you might have an infection in your hair follicles, or something else. It’s surprising how many diseases can affect skin on your booty. For example, celiac disease (true gluten allergy) sometimes presents with itching, scabby skin on the rear end.

These are all non prescription options, but again, see your dermatologist if it lasts longer than a month or so.

1. Change the way you wash and scrub the area

You want to exfoliate, but not over exfoliate, which can irritate the hair follicles. A gentle scrub or wash cloth twice a week should be enough. Gentle soap is fine. Apply a non comedogenic (won’t make acne worse) lotion afterwards and daily. You want something light, not heavy and greasy.

2. Try 1 to 2 weeks of a daily Hibiclens scrub in the shower, or other topicals

You can buy these at the drugstore. Use the Hibiclens (anti-bacterial) on the area once a day for two weeks. If it hasn’t worked by then, it’s not likely to. Try some benzoyl peroxide (in the acne section) and use it on your booty. It stains so be careful with clothing. Night is probably easiest with old PJs. Try some retinol for 4 weeks on the area. It’s known for helping to unplug pores in addition to it’s anti-aging effect.

For smooth, acne-free booty skin, I recommend MadisonMD’s Cleanser for Oily & Blemish Prone Skin, I like Topix’s Glycolix Facial Cream (it works well on the body, too), MadisonMD’s Zero Irritation Retinol, and MadisonMD Amber Honey Face & Body Scrub .

3. Try changing your clothing and sitting less, if you can.

Tight jeans are the worst offenders here, even though we love them. If you must sit a lot, think looser and more air flow. Set your phone alarm so you get up and walk around for 5-10 minutes every hour.

4. No picking!

It’s so tempting right? You feel a little something back there, and for a moment you think you can solve it. STOP. 🙂 It leads no where good, and please trust me on this. If you feel you must do something, grab some light lotion and spot treat it. Even better, a spot treat drugstore product for your face works just fine. Just remember benzoyl peroxide will stain your clothes.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Brandith


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