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Puffy Eyes/Skin and Dark Circles under Eyes

Staying hydrated not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but it can also make you look less attractive. At worst, water retention can cause overall blistering including puffiness and bags under the eyes. However, there are some simple, natural ways to reduce water retention so you look healthier. To improve the condition...

Eight Reasons You Will Love Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

1. Amazing results. Our freshly grown ingredients include natural, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents found from Mother Nature. Our completely plant-based compounds contain cell-proliferating ingredients that truly regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. See our testimonials. 2. Completely fresh and organic. We source all of our organic ingredients and hand-craft FRESH products in...

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Homeopathy was founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the eighteenth century. It is based on the “law of similarity”, i.e. the concept of “like to cure like that”. It differs from herbal medicine in its basic healing premise. Homeopathy is a system that uses the whole body using very small "doses" of...

Caring for Yourself – Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Beauty rituals combine the art and expression of self-love, and can even be a spiritual experience, a kind of meditation, when you consciously, mindfully, take the time to appreciate self, the world and its blessings. The French have a saying: "Etre bien dans sa peau" (to feel good on one's skin). What could be...

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