The pandemic is over a year and we’ve tried a lot of masks here at Scouted. From one that fits smaller (or larger) faces, to one that is machine washable, each of us has a favorite mask. We thought we’d bring it all together in one place so you can see how the staff at Scouted feel when it comes to face coverings.

Printed Mask, Set of 3

Here at Scouted, we preach that you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance, and this Tory Burch mask proves it. Scouting contributor Hannah Selinger swears by these, with adjustable ear loops, nosebands, filter pouches, and when you buy a pack, you’ll be amazed at what style you’ll get Okay.

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Having a face mask for travel is essential right now, so why not buy one from a brand that moves? Travel accessories brand Away crafted a mask made of a soft nylon and elastane blend, adjustable straps, and an antibacterial finish. Scouting collaborator Dan Modlin did one of his Amtrak trips and was comfortable the whole time.

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Anti-fog, anti-dust mask with filter

Scout contributor RL Theroit especially loves these masks because they come with their own filter. “The OTTOPT respirator features a 5-layer PM2.5 filter that provides 95% filtration to remove small airborne particles, dust, pollen and more.”

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Salvaged Hemp Blend Face Mask (Large Type / Pack of 10 Adults)

These United by Blue masks can fit the whole family, according to Boy Scout contributor Steven John. They’re also made from deadstock material, which means they’re not only good for you to wear, but they’re also good for the planet by recycling fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.

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Detective contributor Dan Modlin says these masks have all you could possibly need. “While cotton isn’t the best protective material, Casetify solves this problem. They made room for a filter bag that does most of the actual filtering functions keeping you safe from airborne pathogens. .”

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We introduced these very early on and our readers couldn’t get enough of them. These are the best-selling masks we’ve featured on Scouted, and for good reason. They come in a variety of colors and styles as well as have comfortable ear cushions and have a great overall fit.

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Ear mask – Set of 3

If there’s one mask I can’t buy enough of, it’s the Baggu Ear Loop mask. I own this mask with many colors and patterns. It’s very comfortable to wear, with an adjustable noseband and ear loops, plus the origami shape that helps it fit my smaller face. It also has a filter bag, so I can add an extra layer of protection and it even works with a dual mask.

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Scouting Staff writer Dan Modlin really loves Caraa’s masks. They have a five pack with great color options. Each mask “is equipped with a noseband to keep it in place and adjustable elastic ear loops. so the mask will even fit my big face/head. ” They ticked every box for him.

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Disposable masks don’t need to feel clinical. The chic, black masks from evolution are all loved by celebrities and Scout Contributor Lillian Brown. They “have the symbol “evolve together” and a pair of position coordinates, including New York, Amazonia, Milan and Tokyo” and are “medical grade and hypoallergenic”.

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Evil Kitty Reusable Mask

Scout collaborator Wendy Rose Gould went fashion shopping right at the gate. These masks by Etsy “cover my nose comfortably and don’t make my face look too wide, while the fabric is soft and light, and breathable even on a hot summer day.”

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Adding a little science to the mix is ​​Scouting Associate Courtney Leiva, with her favorite masks from Livinguard. These “positively charged” masks are said to “remove 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19” but even without that claim, “the cooling fabric is perfect for people who are a little hot under a mask like I do.”

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Outdoor study essential mask

This contoured mask is what Scout Associate Steven John claims is the only comfortable mask he owns. The ear loops are made “from a smooth material with enough stretch to hold the mask in place without tugging on your ears” and the shape can “provide more coverage of the nose and a sloping bottom that fits the chin your.”

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Super soft black mask

Scouting collaborator Chloe Toscano says the mask from MasQd is exactly what she was looking for. They have a filter bag, a nasal cannula, and “soft, stretchy cotton ear loops that don’t feel like you’ve just wrapped floss around the back of your ear.” The fabric is also “a lightweight, antibacterial and easy-to-wash cotton.”

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