Capable of reducing dark circles and puffiness, minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and hydrating and brightening the skin under the eyes, a good eye cream (like an eye serum) means shooting days up to 10. your light and immediately turn off your camera. Most commonly used for anti-aging purposes, eye creams are an easy way to brighten your look, give your skin an instant boost, and work long-lasting to keep your eye area healthy. You look healthier and more well-rested.

Designed to work alongside your moisturizer as part of a regular grooming routine, the eye cream specifically targets the more delicate under-eye area with ingredients and a formula packed with vitamins. Whether you want to minimize the signs of aging (e.g. reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), eliminate dark circles, or just keep your under-eye area more hydrated, we’ve got you covered. high and low to find the best eye cream you can buy right now. But first, a few things you might want to know about eye creams.

What is the difference between an eye cream and an eye serum?

It may seem obvious, but the main difference between an eye serum and an eye cream is the texture and viscosity of the product you are using. While eye products tend to be quite light compared to moisturizers, eye creams have a thicker, creamier texture than serums, which are usually more watery and liquid. Eye serums can also be more concentrated, which means they can sometimes be better for anti-aging. However, both can have really beneficial effects when incorporated into your skin care routine, it just depends on which works best for you and your skin and which ones you use. like.

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