Skin Care: Out With The Old, In With The New

SKIN CARE: REFERENCES - Is your skin dry, red and dull? If so maybe it's time for something new? YASOU “toast your health” offers a vegan skin care regimen in just three bottles! This regimen includes YASOU's Cellular day cream, cell renewal night cream and Purifying gel cleanser.   Why you will love us Our vegan...

Bring the Sea to Thee Through Skin Care

Since the Earth was formed, the overall amount of water on the planet has remained relatively consistent. The water we drink today may contain molecules similar to what our ancestors drank. Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface while the average adult human body contains about 60%. The human body percentage...

Choose a Hair Color that Complements Your Skin

For those who love to dye their hair, choosing the right color is one way to enhance your complexion. When your hair and skin work in tandem, you'll really enjoy your new look! Choosing the right hair color can highlight and accentuate different colors on your skin. That's because skin and hair...

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