What happens when Anti-Wrinkle Injections

I hadn’t slept much the night before – tossing and turning and worrying about what the ‘micro-injections’ (needles! Needles!) would feel like. I have sensitive nerve receptors and am not a fan of pain – in fact, people like me feel pain more strongly than people with more blunt nerve endings. Pain sensitivity is not only subjective but it is also genetic and related to individual anatomy including neurobiological processes, or so I have heard.

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So I’m both excited and scared – many times I doubt I’ll get plastic surgery if and when, although it’s likely I’ll have more than that when the time comes.

I’ve heard various descriptions ranging from “unnoticeable” to “excessive”.

I have low pain tolerance and sensitive skin – so I thought, “this can hurt – a lot!” So here I am a little worried (actually I always look like that before injection – it’s a pretty seriously ingrained ‘focus’ line). And that white stuff is numbing cream, but it has to be applied around the lips more – and in my opinion, ice works better.

My Birthday Treatment – My First Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatment

So, after deciding ‘enough is enough’ with suffering from deep forehead lines and sagging lines, I decided to see what Anti-Wrinkle Injections could really do for me. Exactly on my 53rd Birthday.

Before: Thin lips with noticeable lines. After: Natural, fresh lips.

Friends rang to wish me a Happy Birthday, so I told them I was ‘renovating’ but would see them at the end of the week.

Injections! – liquid innovation,” I’ll confirm after they wonder how I’m going to get out of town in a bandage. “No downtime” is an important selling point for me. That’s pretty important to me because I’m hosting an event over the weekend and have friends in town from abroad. Oh, and did I mention I met my ex-husband that evening?

Not that he cares how I look, but I guess I don’t want to look ‘weird’ or puffy – he’s kind of a ‘natural aging’ type. Which as far as I know, maybe just a male expression, they can’t be bothered about how they look when they’re older. However, I don’t want him scratching his head about my choice of injectable treatment if it makes me look ‘done’ or worse – ‘overdose’. I really don’t worry about it – because I know my injectors focus on really natural results.

Okay… the truth is I was worried – just a little bit – about looking ‘excessive.’ And that’s probably a good thing. That has encouraged me to be very clear in my communication about what I want – and I know my Coco Ruby will use her expert judgment anyway. But yes, I’m a bit worried.

My friends are not injectable virgins – they were all injected long before I did – but only one mentioned it.

When I talk to my friends, they’ve all done something – and try to talk about it. But it’s funny how only one person actually talks openly about it until I say something about my own pending ‘liquid facial’ treatment.

Most of them were good things to say about treatments – but a few say they won’t try certain things again.

“I did my lips but hate it,” said one. “They don’t suit me. My face can’t have lips”. In the end, and after speaking with our top Injector about it, Sandra, I think she may have injected too many lip fillers, or the wrong type – or the wrong approach. match her face.

Both the quality and quantity of the product that evaporates can seem to make your lips too big – or a bit ‘foreign feeling’.

“Your lips won’t feel like they’re yours anymore,” says my fluent friend.

My Injector at Coco Ruby says that outcome is often related to the type of injection (brand quality) as well as the amount used.

My Coco Ruby Injector reassured me that she would be using a very soft lip filler that she ‘felt very natural’ – and rightfully so. They feel ONLY the same as my lips did before, but a little fuller.

(So ​​this tells me there are products out there that leave the lips feeling not of nature because she emphasized it – a lot – before she injected my lips. She must have assured me “your new lips will be like your own” more than four times before the injection. I have the impression that this is a common complaint by injectors users who are not using the correct product or using too much.

And here are the NEW lips – a little fuller but not unnatural. I LOVE them (but could have wanted a little more… However, just a little bit. I know she won’t go overboard but I can see some people might be addicted to ‘overfill’ syndrome).

Key Questions I Have About Anti-Wrinkle Injections Before I Do My First Liquid Facial


1. Is the treatment painful?

  • 95% of them are completely painless or a small pinch – mosquitoes hurt much more.
  • But yes – lip injections are very painful. Great number of.
  • However, the ice did help a lot – and it could be because the numbing cream ran out before the session.

2. What did you do during the facelift with cosmetic injection?

Wrinkled (uneven) brow lines and brow lines are my main concerns, but I also want a little fuller lips.

During my Injector face assessment, I was very excited about what the injections CAN DO about other facial problems I have.

I initially thought I was ready to get an upgrade (and still believe it’s the card in the not too distant future).

But I wondered what could be done – that moment of the day – without downtime.

3. What I hope involves Liquid Facelift using cosmetic injections and lip fillers

I asked one of Coco Ruby’s Senior Injectors if she could fix a sagging chin/jaw. She was honest with me that she could only do so much; This is probably more for surgery or double chin reduction injections. She doesn’t promise she can – but she does say they MIGHT work. And she said the eyelids were probably getting a bit of a ‘needle repair’ (she didn’t say that) and that I might need an eyelid lift, but we’ll “see what can be done.” presently.”

I also had a scornful The chin recedes, and she gave it what I call “a chin-enhancing injection” with fillers that give it a bit more definition and balance when viewed from the side.

And on top of that, she enhanced my cheeks (and jawline) to try to correct some of the sagging skin (restoring volume in certain areas of the face making it look better). – as the bones atrophy, facial contours become ‘bland’ or ‘flatter’ as I call them – and although the results are subtle, I can tell – and it was just enough to make me feel much better in terms of its features.

4. How was the pain of the first Anti-Wrinkle Injection?

Far, much less than anticipated.

Virtually non-existent in all areas except the lips. DEAD lips hurt (I cried once, but I’m pretty sensitive).

But I like the look of my slightly plump lips – and it hurts for a short amount of time (several seconds, if that) – so I’d gladly do it again. (I have found it extremely helpful to apply cold compresses to the area just before injecting the lips.)

Why it doesn’t hurt is because my injector is clearly a very skilled injector – I can tell by the way she injects me. I note how quickly she can temporarily numb the area and then inject. But it’s not like getting numb from the dentist – not really numb feeling then – it just feels normal. Lips remained sensitive for a couple of days but the rest of my face didn’t feel sore or tight – and I’ve injected A LOT of areas!


I love the results and feel it has given me huge confidence in my facial appearance as I age. But I think I still want an eyelid lift and maybe a neck lift or facelift within the next few years. And I want to try ‘just a little more’ filler on my lips.

Anyone notice my first anti-wrinkle injection?

Most people don’t get a chance to notice because I’m telling EVERYONE how excited I am about the treatment and the results.

People I didn’t tell didn’t say they’d noticed anything – but did mention that I looked ‘better’ – and one person who saw me regularly said: “I think you might have done something wrong. [as you looked a bit younger/fresher] but I didn’t notice how long you were away so I’m not sure. “

The cost?

Sure. Now that I’ve found a good sprayer in Melbourne… it’s time to find someone to cover the gray!

Any good recommendations for a magic working hairdresser?

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