Is Blue Light Aging Your Skin?

When outdoors, the sun is the main source of blue light that comes into contact with our skin but when indoors, the most exposed blue light comes from electronic devices. Blue light is the short wavelength blue/violet range of the visible light spectrum. Researchers and dermatologists are increasingly looking at the possible...

Why Your Compromised Skin May Be Making You Look Older

If you notice dry, dull skin and more wrinkles, you may have skin damage. Luckily, you don't have to try to look old. We have tips that can help! What is rough skin? When we talk about damaged skin, we are talking about the outer layer. Your skin is made up of three main layers: Cuticle: This is...

Skin tightening for 40-45 and under

What is the recommended skin tightening treatment for your 40 year old? I read that Thermage and the like lose fat, causing a hollow look. What is your opinion? It's not surprising how our brains react to a person's report, even when we know we can't learn much from it. We all...

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