With so much right and wrong information about skin care available, it can be hard to keep any of it accurate. To help you organize the information, I want to help you understand some important information regarding skin care. Hopefully these 5 things will help you feel confident in your own skincare and/or treatments.

Frequently asked questions about skin care

FAQ #1. Acne is not caused by dirty skin.

Acne is the result of

  • change and overproduction of oil,
  • pore blockage,
  • the action of bacteria or yeast, and

  • inflammation.

Oil causes dead skin cells to stick together instead of sloughing off the pores as usual. Washing your face regularly doesn’t prevent this and can actually aggravate your skin by drying it out. Washing too much or rubbing the skin too vigorously can irritate the skin and create an opening for bacteria to infect, making acne worse.

The best way to fight acne is to use products that target problems:

Benzoyl peroxide kills acne-causing bacteria and helps dead cells slough off and get out of pores to treat blackheads. The simplest way to use benzoyl peroxide is with Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Foaming Cleanser that also removes oil while leaving a layer of medicated benzoyl peroxide on your skin. I especially love this back and chest acne treatment as I combine it with zinc pyrithione to tackle the yeast germ that often plays a role in tail acne. These ingredients are combined in Back acne treatment.

5 random facts about skin care you should know Acne skin care

Facial acne responds best to a combination of salicylic acid keratolytics to penetrate oily pores and glycolic acid. A medicated cleanser is the easiest way to apply these. Next wash off by applying topical Benzoyl Peroxide Cream to acne-prone skin. Then, prevent dryness and hyperpigmentation with an acne-friendly moisturizer and sunscreen. Mine The ultimate acne solution set offers everything you need for successful acne clearing.

FAQ #2. There is a yeast that normally lives peacefully on our skin but can sometimes cause trouble.

One problem that some people fall victim to is seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff. It can lead to redness, peeling, and itching of the scalp, ears, face, back, and chest. Seborrheic dermatitis is associated with an overgrowth of the yeast Pityrosporum, also known as Malassezia. Zinc pyrithione helps suppress this yeast. Foaming face wash is the strongest form of zinc pyrithione you can buy. It is a great shampoo and body cleanser to help combat sebum overproduction. It can dry out the face so Soothing Zinc Soap Fortified with the same 2% zinc pyrithione in a soap more suitable for your facial skin.

Fight seborrhea with thisFight facial dandruff with this

FAQ #3. Dry skin is not prevented or treated by drinking water.

If drinking water helps to hydrate your skin from the inside out, bathing will quench your thirst from the outside in. Skin doesn’t work that way because it’s a strong barrier. Dry skin is dry skin caused by damage to the outer layer of dead cells, which cannot hold water.

What are the main causes of dry skin?

  • Damage to the lipid barrier of the skin from strong soaps or exposure to solvents that strip the lipid layer.
  • Excessive dehydration due to exposure to cold and extreme weather and desiccated air.
  • Aging changes the structure of the skin causing the skin barrier to weaken.
  • Hereditary impairment of the skin barrier such as atopic dermatitis.

How do you treat dry skin?

  1. Always apply a good moisturizer daily after washing your skin. For the body I prefer mine Natural skin care Fragrance-free and rich in botanical oils suitable for healing and preventing dry skin. For the face, I recommend Daily moisturizer for the face. For hands, I recommend Dry hand cream It’s deeply moisturizing and never greasy.
  2. Use only mild soaps and cleansers to clean your skin and rinse off the cleanser completely so it doesn’t continue to strip away the skin’s protective lipid layer. For facial skin, I prefer a pH balanced cleanser like Extremely gentle face wash. As for the body, I like Nature’s Best Bar Soap.
    facts about skin care best cleanser for dry skinbest bath soap for dry skin

FAQ #4. The damage the sun can cause even when you’re indoors.

Staying indoors does NOT protect you from the sun. UV rays come in two forms: UVA and UVB. UVB is blocked by windows, but UVA is not. UVA is the most important cause of wrinkles, and UVB (and to a lesser extent UVA) is the most important cause of skin cancer.

Check out this dramatic photo of a unilateral melanoma from someone who’s been exposed to a lot of sun because years of truck driving causes one side of the face to look significantly older than the other.

Random facts about skin care you can get harmful UV rays indoors

Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen even indoors! Apply it every morning as you prepare for your day. I only recommend zinc oxide mineral sunscreen. Find the right one for you in my sunscreen collection here.

FAQ #5. Blackheads are black due to oxidation not dirt.

Blackheads are also known as “blackheads”. In contrast, whiteheads are known as “closed comedones.” Both are caused by pores becoming clogged with dead skin and sebum (oil).

Blackheads appear black because the pigment melanin in the node is oxidized by oxygen (a chemical reaction) and darkens as a result. Blackheads that are not black are caused by dirt plugged in!

Whiteheads are located a little deeper and are usually covered by a layer of skin so they don’t have the same chance of oxidizing.


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