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What number of occasions have you ever seen baking soda in a DIY skincare recipe on Pinterest? Or suggest lemon juice to fade zits scars?

They’re in all places!

For those who’ve heard a lot of the skincare recommendation on-line, you are positive to search out some components that I am about to advise towards. Nonetheless, unhealthy skincare recommendation isn’t good irrespective of what number of occasions individuals repeat it.

If me, you know the way a lot I LOVE pure skincare merchandise (suppose manuka honey, oats, and many others.), however some pure components by no means get near your face!

These components are literally all pure, non-toxic and innocent, besides that they severely disrupt the fragile stability of the pores and skin – pH and pores and skin barrier.

Why? Let’s dive proper in.


When our pores and skin is wholesome, it has a barely acidic pH (4.5 – 5.5). As we frequently disrupt its optimum pH, our pores and skin will not be wholesome and will not look its finest, it doesn’t matter what else we do to enhance its look.

However what precisely is pH?

pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous answer. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being essentially the most acidic and 14 being essentially the most alkaline. 7 is impartial, as is the pH of pure water.

The pH scale is definitely a logarithmic scale, which suggests one unit is ten occasions extra acidic than the subsequent larger worth. For instance, pH 4 is 10 occasions extra acidic than pH 5 and 100 occasions extra acidic than pH 6.

When substances with a special pH come into contact together with your pores and skin, they have an effect on the pH of your pores and skin. Sadly, our pores and skin suffers from many environmental influences each day: publicity to the solar, wind, faucet water (laborious water is alkaline), over-exfoliating and over-cleaning a lot.

Even gentle soaps have a pH of Sept. 11, as much as million Oil management many occasions your pores and skin!

The pores and skin’s pure mechanisms can finally carry the pH again into stability. Nonetheless, we want to verify we’re treating our pores and skin with merchandise donate that stability so it may well do its job and appears so stunning!


Moisturizing for the pores and skin

The water content material of your pores and skin and its pH is confirmed to be of main significance inside Regulates pores and skin’s pure exfoliation and lipid synthesis. Lipids are oily substances that assist lock in moisture in your pores and skin, conserving it naturally moist and clean. When your pores and skin is simply too alkaline, it there’s not sufficient fats to maintain it hydrated, making the pores and skin look dry and uninteresting.

Pure exfoliation course of

The outer layer of pores and skin, which you’ll be able to contact, known as the stratum corneum (SC). It consists of lifeless pores and skin cells (corneal cells) and a lipid matrix holds these cells collectively like a glue. There are about 18-30 layers of lifeless pores and skin cells there. Sloughing is a steady pure exfoliation course of that goes on on a regular basis with out you having to do something.

Lifeless pores and skin cells which have served their goal merely slough off your pores and skin, revealing a brand new layer of cells. This retains your pores and skin naturally clean. Nonetheless, this course of solely takes place appropriately when your pores and skin has an optimum pH and moisture stage!

Decelerate the growing old course of

The pH of the pores and skin is necessary for water retention, so impacts the age of your pores and skin. Our pores and skin naturally turns into extra alkaline as we age. Thus, conserving the correct acidity of our pores and skin, serving to to stop tremendous traces and wrinkles.

Defend towards pores and skin infections

The acidic pH creates an surroundings by which overseas microorganisms can’t survive. Defend your pores and skin from bacterial and fungal infections. As well as, the totally different oils in your pores and skin play a job in activating sure cells of the immune system, strengthens native immune defenses towards pathogens.

If the pH is disrupted, the pores and skin turns into permeable to pathogens and different irritants, which may result in an infection or pores and skin irritation. With a robust pores and skin barrier, your pores and skin will even much less vulnerable to situations like dermatitis and eczema.

Much less zits

When our pores are clogged, that is the place the zits micro organism are available Propionibacterium acnes can develop, resulting in purple, swollen zits. Nonetheless, alkaline pores and skin makes it a lot simpler for zits micro organism to multiply. develop and trigger irritation that results in zits.

Oily pores and skin has the next pH (as a consequence of further sebum) than regular pores and skin and extra prone to an infection as a result of micro organism can develop and thrive in an alkaline surroundings. Usually disrupting the pH of oily pores and skin can rapidly flip right into a vicious cycle of zits and much more oily pores and skin.

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Much less delicate pores and skin

With a robust pores and skin barrier and With an optimum pH, your pores and skin will even be much less delicate. When the pores and skin barrier is damaged, all irritants, air pollution and pathogens can extra simply penetrate your pores and skin, inflicting irritation and irritation!

However, cannot your pores and skin simply return to its regular pH and restore its pores and skin barrier?

It’s true, it’s doable. How rapidly it depends upon the situation of your pores and skin, its location on the physique, and many others. It could take a number of hours earlier than your pores and skin regains equilibrium, after which we often use take one other product and cease this rebalancing in its path. .

In reality, the day by day use of alkalizing merchandise over time can have an effect on the pores and skin’s capacity to re-establish the proper pH. This makes your pores and skin chronically alkaline, disrupting all useful processes that rely on acidic pH.

The important thing to wholesome glowing pores and skin is conserving the pores and skin’s pH balanced.

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You usually hear that lemon juice needs to be used as a result of vitamin C is sweet for the pores and skin, proper? That will sound tempting, however lemon is NOT equal to pure vitamin C!

lemon skin care

Lemons are made up of hundreds of various substances (like another fruit), a few of which will be very irritating to the pores and skin. For instance, they include furocoumarins (psoralens), chemical substances with photomutagenic properties. Wchickens uncovered to ultraviolet mild, psoralens reacts in a method that causes DNA harm in pores and skin cells, depart everlasting and doable harm even burns the pores and skin. Lemon juice additionally accommodates a variety of different doubtlessly irritating substances, comparable to limonene and citral.

Lemon juice can also be extremely acidic! It has a pH of simply 2, a few thousand occasions extra acidic than your pores and skin. Because of this, lemon juice will break down the pores and skin’s protecting barrier, leaving your pores and skin dehydrated and vulnerable to irritation, breakouts, and growing old.


Apple cider vinegar has some wonderful properties that may profit the pores and skin, like rebalancing the pH when the pores and skin is simply too alkaline. Nonetheless, remember the fact that its pH is slightly below 3, so utilizing it undiluted will disrupt your pores and skin barrier and will do extra hurt than good.

If you wish to give it a attempt, I like to recommend diluting 1 tablespoon of ACV with 1/2 the quantity of water. Additionally, be sure use solely uncooked and unfiltered ACV.


Whereas pure lemon juice and apple cider vinegar break down your pores and skin’s barrier and disrupt your pores and skin’s pH due to their excessive acidity, baking soda will do the trick for it. Thousand occasions extra alkaline than your pores and skin’s regular pH!

lemon honey baking soda skin care
Some pure components, like honey, are nice for the pores and skin. Others, like lemon juice and baking soda, are very simple to disrupt the pure pH stage of the pores and skin. This may result in pores and skin irritation, dehydration, and delicate pores and skin vulnerable to growing old and breakouts.

Washing or exfoliating the pores and skin with baking soda can also be doable break pure micro organism on the floor of your pores and skin assist stop an infection and zits.

Moreover, baking soda is a mechanical exfoliant and its alkaline nature breaks down your pores and skin barrier much more as protecting lifeless pores and skin cells are eliminated with exfoliation.

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Olive oil can even disrupt your pores and skin barrier, making it extra vulnerable to irritation. One research, examined Impact of oils on the pores and skin barrier, found that Olive oil slows down the pores and skin therapeutic course of. The research was carried out on mice, which have a pores and skin barrier similar to that of people. The outcomes confirmed that olive oil”barrier perform was considerably delayed in contrast with untreated pores and skin”.

One other research from 2013 concerned grownup volunteers, who had been requested to use six drops of olive oil to their forearms twice a day for 5 weeks. When the take a look at is over, the outcomes present impaired pores and skin barrier perform and gentle pores and skin irritation.

The analysis workforce concluded that Topical therapy with olive oil considerably broken the pores and skin barrier”. I like utilizing oils in my skincare routine, however it should be mentioned that some oils ought to positively be averted!

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That is actually doable consists of all harsh mechanical exfoliants, together with sugar, salt, kernels, and many others.

Whereas some may say that sugar is not so unhealthy and its crystals are a lot milder than salt, it is nonetheless too harsh for normal use in your facial pores and skin. Bear in mind, something harsh will disrupt your pores and skin barrier!

In terms of higher physique pores and skin, you possibly can often be somewhat extra abrasive together with your remedies and use salt and sugar for a selfmade scrub. Nonetheless, I’d positively hold them away out of your face.


When selecting pure skincare, we should be very cautious, as a result of some substances are just too harsh for our delicate pores and skin. Sure Numerous nice pure components to select from, so you do not have to go for those who have the potential to vastly have an effect on your pores and skin’s pH and barrier.

Bear in mind, pores and skin’s optimum pH and powerful pores and skin barrier are what hold your pores and skin wanting clean and delightful – simply.

With radiant wholesome pores and skin,


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Pure skincare methods for clear and delightful pores and skin – electronic mail course

Study 3 of a very powerful (however lesser identified) science-based skincare secrets and techniques to clear and wholesome pores and skin.

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