Exfoliating and body scrubs can be a great addition to your skincare arsenal. They help remove dead skin cells, giving your skin a more radiant appearance.

The American Academy of Dermatology says that while exfoliating may not be for everyone, those interested in exfoliating should do it safely to reduce the risk of skin damage. .

Read on to learn how to do that, and get our recommendations for the 10 best body scrubs out there.

When we selected these 10 body scrubs, we looked at online reviews, active ingredients, and price points. All the products on this list are highly rated by those who have purchased them. Most have natural ingredients.

Pricing Guide

  • $ = under $10
  • $$ = $10–25
  • $$$ = more than $25

All of the exfoliants on our list are physical exfoliants. They rely on the rough texture of sugar, salt and sometimes crushed nuts to wash away dry skin. When used on your body, they are usually gentle enough for everyday use. However, you need to pay attention to press evenly and do not rub too hard.

You can also find chemical exfoliants, which are made with acids or enzymes. They work by chemically loosening the dead skin layer from the new layer of skin.

Although it sounds scary, chemical exfoliants use very small amounts of acids or enzymes that are diluted with a host of other ingredients. They are more commonly used on the face, but you can also find chemical body scrubs.

Dr Teal’s Restore & Replenish Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub

Price: $

Why we love it: This affordable body scrub leaves skin moisturized without residue. Bergamot and orange essential oils give it a pleasant scent. The scrub also contains vitamin E.

What you should know: If you have any minor scrapes or cuts, this rub may sting. It also contains fragrance, which can irritate sensitive skin.

Manna Kadar Beauty Sea Minerals Renewing Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub

Price: $$

Why we love it: This lightly scented body scrub is gentle enough for everyday use. It hydrates your skin with cetearyl alcohol and mineral oil while removing dead skin cells with crushed pecans.

What you should know: The final ingredient in this scrub is benzyl alcohol, which is sometimes added to cosmetics for a mild fragrance. While it doesn’t negatively affect most people, those with sensitive skin may find it drying.

Eczema Honey Premium Oatmeal Exfoliating Cream

Price: $$

Why we love it: This all-natural product has gentle moisturizing ingredients that are beneficial for those with very dry skin or eczema. One such ingredient is honey, which is a natural humectant. It attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

What you should know: Eczema Honey recommends that you try the patch before using the product, as some users have reported allergic reactions. The best practice is to patch test any new product before using it more widely.

Earth Therapeutics Purifying Foot Scrub

Price: $$

Why we love it: This scrub features organic Australian tea tree oil, which helps keep feet smelling nice. Charcoal also helps detoxify, while the pumice stone cleanses and conditions, removing dead skin and leaving your feet softer.

What you should know: Since you have to apply it on dry skin, the product can be a bit messy. Reviewers suggest using it in the bath.

LATHER Eucalyptus Foaming Foot Scrub with Pumice

Price: $$

Why we love it: This vegan-friendly product lathers as it cleans and sloughs off dead skin on your feet. Fans of this scrub love using it daily on their heels to reduce the build-up of calluses.

What you should know: The exfoliants in this scrub are all natural.

Recipe 10.0.6 Save My Sole Rescuing Foot Scrub

Price: $

Why we love it: Peppermint oil creates a cooling sensation as you remove the roughness, while avocado oil nourishes the skin. One user says it’s great for people who work with their feet all day.

What you should know: Made with apricot kernel powder, this scrub is gentle enough to use all over your feet – even between your toes.

Asutra Scrub the Day Away Soothing Lavender Organic Body Scrub

Price: $$

Why we love it: This fine-grained Dead Sea salt scrub helps you remove dead skin cells and moisturize your skin. It’s made with simple ingredients, like argan, jojoba, and sweet almond oil. Lavender and bergamot essential oils provide a light and pleasant fragrance.

What you should know: This scrub is certified cruelty-free by the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Origins Ginger Body Scrub

Price: $$$

Why we love it: It doesn’t take much to polish your skin with this vegan, gluten-free scrub, thanks to Dead Sea salt particles and a nourishing blend of oils. The ginger scent is really pleasant, and you can combine this scrub with other Origins ginger products.

What you need to know: Remember to stir this scrub before applying, or you’ll end up with more oil than salt. Be careful because the oil can make your shower slippery.

When choosing a body scrub, be sure to read the ingredient list and check for any individual irritants or allergies.

You may also want to consider your skin type. For example, if you have acne-prone skin, look for one with salicylic acid to help treat breakouts.

How often you plan to exfoliate can also make a difference. If you’re looking for a daily exfoliator, choose a physical exfoliator with finer particles that won’t irritate your skin. For calluses and rough patches, larger particles are better.

Before using any product, it’s best to do a patch test. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. You should dab a little scrub on the inside of your wrist and wait a few hours. If you notice any redness or irritation, it’s best not to use the product all over your body. If your skin looks normal, using it more generously should be fine.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the type of scrub you choose. Some are designed to be applied to wet skin, and some are designed for dry skin. Some are left to sit for a bit before rinsing, while others are designed to be washed immediately.

If you’ve never tried exfoliating before, start by doing it once a week. From there, you can gauge how well your skin is tolerating the exfoliation and decide if you want to exfoliate more often or less often.

A body scrub is a great way to invigorate skin, liven up your shower routine, and get ready to face the day or relax before bed. Try one of these top-rated body scrubs to get rid of dead skin.


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