UPDATE — August 6, 2021: Get ready to replenish your stock of disposable masks. With the delta variant of the fast-spreading coronavirus, health officials are encouraging everyone — yes, even those who are fully vaccinated — to wear masks in indoor public places to limit the spread. of new and breakthrough cases. Meaning, if you’re going to be in a closed or crowded space (think airport, taxi, or store), you’ll want to cover your face.

Cloth face coverings are a great reusable option to protect yourself and others, but having a disposable pack on deck is sure to be a pain on the days when you just can’t find a new one. or unwashed. Whether you’re looking for a plain white mask or a medical version with a classy print, shop 13 of the top rated disposable masks below.

ORIGINAL STORY — August 14, 2020: To rank the most effective face coverings, researchers at Duke University recently found that disposable masks, or three-layer surgical masks, are the second most reliable choice after. N95 masks are equipped. A cotton mask that covers your nose, chin, and mouth ranks third in preventing respiratory droplets from getting through the air and reaching others, with a neck going and towel wrapped around appearing worse than not wearing a face covering.

Given the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation to use masks when you can’t socially distance, and many states considering reopening schools, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a demand for masks. Disposable pages are on the rise. Usually sold in bulk packs of 25 and 50, they can be easily distributed to large groups of people.

After months of wearing masks, we know that breathable cotton and silk options are more cost-effective over time — but with everyday use, torn earlobes, nose cords, and fabric stains, Sometimes all you want is the easy and effective thing. And stocking up on disposable masks in your car, bag, or trouser pocket can be a smart move when times get tough. With so many top-rated options available, there’s no reason not to hide. Shop the seven best disposable face masks below.


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